Meet Kona

Faithful Canine Companion of Riverbank House Extended Care Recovery Community

Whether you are a first time visitor to Riverbank House or a community member returning from a five minute errand, Kona welcomes you home with an indiscriminate excitement that makes all men equal. She brings the puppyship to our fellowship, and her enthusiasm for the simple life inspires us all.

“Having Kona at the house is so comforting. I can isolate and sometimes I don’t like people. She gives me a reason to come out of hiding, and no matter how down I am, she always picks me up. Even when I don’t know how to bond with people, I can always bond with Kona. And she’s teaching me how to be responsible, because we all take care of her together. Together makes responsibility so much easier to learn.”

Dan, 23 From Massachusetts. Six months clean and sober in his first long-term program.

“Kona was ten weeks old when she came to Riverbank House as a rescue puppy. She teaches me to enjoy the now, the present, and to experience every minute for what it is. She’s also teaching me patience, because she can be a little rascal (so she fits right in). She’s a shoe nibbler….my feet sweat and I think she’s going for the salt residue on the shoe. And she’s a snuggler. No matter what, Kona always lightens the mood, because she’s another life worth caring about.”


Jim, 28From Central Massachusetts

“I’ve been to several other recovery programs, but Riverbank House is the first one with a recovery puppy to keep me happy. Kona is my spirit animal; she pushes all of us to strive for more out of life. She’s magic in a little fur ball, poetry in motion, a happy face when we wake up in the morning and a happy face when we go to bed at night.”


Alec, 22From Connecticut