Our Best Drug Rehabs…the long-term care model

The best drug rehabilitation programs are based on a  long-term care model.rtisnab

These drug rehab centers – that offer structure over an extended timetable – providean opportunity for residents to establish a solid foundation so necessary for continuous recovery.

Based on the 12 step model, the Riverbank’s extended care drug treatment program is a highly structured series of phases or milestones that gradually re-introduce the addict/alcoholic into the larger community. It is an opportunity for the men in our House to receive structure and support as they re-emerge into life’s challenges without the use of drugs and alcohol. The ‘best drug rehabilitation’ programs are not only about the therapeutic model …the best drug rehabilitation centers assist the recovering person to reintegrate into his/her normal life in a managed process.  The best drug rehabilitation programs provide the client with self-monitoring tools…AND…create opportunities to practice these skills and tools before a final separation from the program.  Theory without practice is a sure setup for failure in any course of action!  Drug rehab centers that minimize the practical application are never the best drug rehabilitation programs.

All drug rehab centers begin with a detox; all clients / house members are required to be completely drug/alcohol free prior to extended care drug / alcohol treatment. And – we know that the best drug rehabilitation programs begin with the “28 day” intensive program – there was even a movie with Sandra Bullock; “28 Days”.

This 28-day intensive, at the Riverbank House – helps residents to understand “the unplanned, undesirable consequences” of their addiction, they learn about addiction in general and they learn the guidelines for cooperative community living. This is a common component of most drug rehab centers. By default a highly-functioning community is based on full participation, shared responsibilities and personal accountability. These are not new concepts for most anyone; however living into them effectively requires adopting a new headset for most of our residents. It is safe to say that when we were drinking or drugging we were living self-centered lives and we denied being accountable to anyone.

Of course, everyone entering a long-term drug rehab centers program, whether 28 days or longer – plans on staying sober, living sober for his (her) lifetime. However, this is often a daunting objective/goal. As mentioned above…theory without practice makes for failure.The internal community (Riverbank’s resident community) is the beginning of learning and practicing the skills needed to live in a committed and responsible fashion to oneself.  We don’t just talk reintegration – we gradually, daily reintegrate into the community. The ‘normal world’ is only steps away; but over 30 AA and NA meetings are also only steps away too.

At the Riverbank House, we acknowledge the value of an organized and structured process that takes a newly sober person from drug dependency to independent and responsible community living. In fact we believe it is a requirement of any drug rehab centers.