Connecticut Men’s Halfway Houses and Men’s Sober Living

Struggling substance abusers, often referred to as ‘chronic relapsers’ those who acknowledge they cannot stay sober without continued support in particular, typically need to stay in a structured living environment to ensure their full recovery. Newly sober individuals generally have a hard time completely letting go of their previous addictions and adjusting back to their previous lives.Halfway houses/ sober living treatment programs in Connecticut provides the assistance and boost sober men need to completely recover and live a happy, normal life. The Riverbank House has its own concept and assets that make it a fine choice for those looking for a men’s sober living treatment program for themselves or their loved ones.

The Riverbank House can be found at White Mountain’s foothills, in the glorious lakes region. It offers a serene and lovely environment that perfectly suits those on the road to recovery.


What are halfway houses or residential sober living treatment programs?

Men’s sober living environments and men’s halfway houses are frequently falsely believed to be a home for abandoned/disenfranchised men. This is a very common misunderstanding and is, in reality, far from the truth.Men’s sober livingenvironments function on a foundation of ‘higher ethics’. The residents and the staff alike share and instillthe best of human qualities to each other which helps them develop strong character and become recovered individuals.The Riverbank House aims to provide an encouraging and supportive atmosphere to its residents to help them restore themselves, develop new skills and self-monitoring qualities and drive them away from self-destruction, not to it.

Why stay at a men’s sober livingenvironment?

Most recently sober individuals find it difficult to continue on with their previous life right after their dark and destructive phase. After a short, 5 to 7 day detox, it is not unusual for the family to believe that their loved one is “cured”. It is not easy to resume one’s previous state more so when he is forced to be someone people expects him to be immediately. It takes time to adjust and fully let go of one’s cravings and staying in an extended treatment program such as a sober living residential program or a halfway househelps former alcoholics and addicts to do just that. These men need a place to stay where people can sympathize with them and give them the support they need during this difficult time in their life. A Recovery Coach guides them through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and assist them to remain on track and understand their urges to drink or drug. The Riverbank House has its own concept, ‘Solo No More Activities’, which aims to keep the facility’s residents busy and discover new passions. The activities are designed to stimulate one’s whole being including the mind, body, and spirit. They also help reduce anxiety and the housemates’ feeling of isolationand boredom.

Personal accountability is an important aspect of Riverbank House’s sober living regimen as well as the collaborative relationships developed between the residents. The trained staff guides them and provides encouragement on top of conducting various workshops and activities. Group sessions are held regularly as well as one-on-one recovery coaching. The residents also meditate and practice yoga daily and participate inlocal 12-step meetings.There are over 30 AA meetings a week in a facility just 200 yards from the Riverbank House. As part of the recovery procedure, unscheduled alcohol and drug tests are done to ensure everyone in the facility is remaining sober.

Who lives in the Riverbank House?

Everyone is welcome to live in the Riverbank House. Violence and destructive behavior, however, won’t be tolerated in the facility at all costs. New Connecticut residents from Hartford, Greenwich, New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford, Danbury, New London, and Waterbury need not to worry about anything as long as they stay respectful of their fellow housemates and the staff.