Over the next twelve months, Riverbank House will bring its message of hope to communities throughout New England. Together, we can fight the epidemic of drug addiction. Together, we can help the addicted and their families better afford the quality, long-term residential recovery care so necessary for sustainable freedom from addiction. Watch for the Riverbank House mobile “Save a Life” billboard as it travels throughout the region. Join us in alerting families and community to “Save a Life” matching grant opportunities that can make crucial long-term recovery care accessible to those in need.

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In the fight against addiction and in his personal commitment to providing affordable, long-term residential addiction care, Riverbank House founder Randall Bartlett has pledged up to $200,000 in matching grant funds in 2015 for qualifying men entering Riverbank House in New Hampshire or qualifying women entering Tree Top for Women in Maine.

“Too often, families of addicted loved ones, desperate for effective recovery care, have been exhausted by the legal, social, health, and financial devastations of drug addiction by the time they call me at Riverbank House. They find themselves caught in the nightmare of an epidemic that has become very personal to them, because it threatens the life of their son or daughter, brother or sister, grandchild, friend, or partner. Informed consumers call Riverbank House because they understand that successful and sustainable recovery from addiction requires long-term residential support, yet healthcare insurers offer little, if any, contribution toward a lasting solution. Every addict, every alcoholic, every family seeking help toward recovery deserves an advocate in the search for affordable, accessible life-saving recovery care. I established the “Save a Life” matching grant fund because I am that advocate.”

— Randall Bartlett, Founder, Riverbank House residential recovery care community.


Family and community can play a huge role in the recovery process of a young man or woman fighting addiction. Your support is vitally important in generating hope and confidence in an addict’s ability to achieve and maintain successful recovery. In addition to “Save a Life” matching grants, Riverbank offers a unique opportunity to “Rally Around Recovery” and to personally encourage an addict’s return to wellness, family, and community.

“Rally Around Recovery” support offers Riverbank House residents a personal message of encouragement, a personal yet tangible symbol of hope. Fill out the form below to make a “Rally Around Recovery” contribution.

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