Meet Jeff Kiernan

Jeff Kiernan

Operations Manager

Recovery Coach


Jeff grew up in Medway, Massachusetts. He played sports and was very active growing up, playing hockey and lacrosse. He was introduced to alcohol in high school, but it wasn’t until college that it started to take over his life. Eventually, alcohol turned from a social activity, to a daily necessity. After time, he found himself in New Hampshire to give recovery a shot. He attended multiple 30 day treatment centers, only to find himself going right back to the same thing that he was doing before. While at The Riverbank House, he fully committed to recovery, and focused on the changes he needed to make. He also became immersed in a 12 step program, of which he continues to participate in. He took the classes needed for his CRSW certification. He currently lives in the community as a house manager at a local recovery house. Jeff Sponsors men in a 12 step program, and continues to be active in his recovery.

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