Maine Drug Treatment

People become hooked to drugs for a wide variety of reasons. Be it curiosity, pleasure, or to deal with stress, these individuals admit that while one can easily get addicted on the vice, it’s doubly hard for a person to quit. For an individual to stay sober, entering a men’s drug rehab facility in Maine (primarily a detox)and going through a detoxification procedure is not enough. To have a successful long-term recovery, a person may needlong-term drug treatmentcare and guidance. This is why having a structured support system, like the one Riverbank House provides, is essential to an individual’s road to

Recovering addicts need more positive influences in their lives to double their chances to recovery. If they lack activities and interests, boredom may lead them to return to their old ‘haunt’ or old behaviors. Some addicts use drugs to escape their emotions, with the goal that their problems don’t seem as real or important. Low self-esteem, peer pressure, media – a lot of elements can easily lead an individual back to the old vices he wanted to forget in the first place.

The feeling of emptiness left after quitting substance abuse is something that needs to be addressed immediately after a detox, short-term drug rehab/drug treatment center. The void left needs to be replaced by positive behavior to allow it to take root and instigate change within oneself. Without the proper guidance and support, a recovering individual can easily relapse and go back to his old life of misery.

Discovering new passions and purpose is one cornerstone of the Riverbank House. SOLO NO MORE activities challenge and stimulate the whole person, helping retrain our body, mind and spirit. Riverbank’s schedule of adventure is structure to specifically reduce anxiety, isolation, and boredom, and helps heal from the very real physical, neurological, and psychological damage inflicted by drug addiction. In the end, it helps us realize a fountain of inner motivation, enthusiasm, and personal accomplishment – seeds that can help in sustaining a lifelong victory over substance abuse.

We recognize the importance of having a structured progression and one-on-one recovery coaching to guide recovering individuals and help them understand the true, cruel nature of addiction.  Understanding that permanent recovery is a never-ending process is crucial in motivating oneself to take the more disciplined path to a happy and fulfilled life. The first stride should be to stop their self-destructive cycle of addiction and isolation. After this, we need to take steps towards individualreestablishment and growth, all while learning to receive and return help from others. The Riverbank House is a community where individuals motivateone another to build lives of harmony, resolve, and dignity.

Anyone who seeks extended care drug treatment, and wants to join a community that practices a code of non-aggression, collaboration, accountability, and mutual respect is more than welcome. Our four phase residential program offers suitable levels of supervision, structure, and individualcoaching, so the residents can grow toward personal development and live a happy, purposefullife.The state of Maine has some great drug rehab centers, and Maine has some extraordinary ocean and countryside beauty, – but the Riverbank House located at the heart of the magnificent Lakes Region, at the foothills of White Mountain, offers anequally serene and relaxing environment that is perfectly suited for individuals on the road to recovery.