Massachusetts Drug Treatment

The road to recovery of a substance abuser starts by entering a men’s drug treatment facility in Massachusetts or another state. While going through a detox program helps a recovering individual improve physically, it doesn’t help him with his psychological and spiritual battle against drug addiction. A newly sober person needs as much positive encouragement and proper guidance he can get in order to permanently rid himself of his obsession. Taking part to a community 12-step program helps a recovering person obtain the support he needs in his difficult battle against drug abuse. Studies show, however,that an individual who enters an extended care facility after rehab has more chances of achieving long-term recovery than those who don’t. The Riverbank House offers the perfect tranquil and comforting long-term men’s drug treatment or drug rehab environment suitable to a recuperating individual.

Making individuals realize the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse is only the first step. While a person can quit after undergoing treatment and guidance, life outside a drug rehab facility can prove to be very challenging, as it makes them face the same elements that led them to addiction in the first place. Peer pressure, boredom, low self-esteem, coping with stress, rebellion – these are just some of the things a recovering individual has to face. Without a good plan for extended care outside the drug rehab facility, a person can easily relapse and fall into the same addiction all over again.

This is where Riverbank House can help. The center recognizes the need for a structured progression, and provides one-on-one recovery coaching to guide an individual and help him understand the devious nature of addiction. It also provides the necessary support structure to establish and maintain a happy, fulfilled way of living.

One of the important items to be addressed on the road to recovery is the void left after quitting substance abuse. The feeling of emptiness needs to be replaced by positive behavior, allowing it to take root and stimulate change within the individual for a better, long term result. SOLO NO MORE can help by providing activities that challenge and stimulate the body, mind, and spirit of the recovering individuals, helping them reclaim the time lost in their old life of drug-seeking behavior. Riverbank House’s full schedule of adventure is designed to reduce anxiety, isolation, and boredom – elements that often threaten early recovery. These activities help an individual realize that a fountain of inner motivation, enthusiasm, and personal accomplishment is way better than the false rewards that substance abuse gives them.

Whether new or recommitting, or has just completed an initial thirty day program elsewhere – be it in any Massachusetts city, albeit Boston, Worcester, Lynn, Lawrence, Medford, New Bedford, Fall River, Quincy, or Dorchester, the Riverbank House Extended Care Recovery Community will honor your commitment.  Our thirty (30) day to eighteen (18) month residential program is divided into four phases, providing different levels of encouragement, supervision and coaching.

Riverbank House is located in the beautiful Lakes region of New Hampshire. It inspires peace, serenity, and self-reflection while providing the vital instruments for positive activities to fuel your journey to recovery. Come on up from Massachusetts and check us out.