Men’s Alcohol Rehab Centers in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is known as a state with a larger number of men’s alcohol rehab centers and positive attitude toward alcohol rehab and drug rehab treatment. Likewise the Alcoholics Anonymous community in Massachusetts exceeds in membership then those of much larger and more populated states.

Just like any other state however, the alcoholic seeking long-term residential treatment most often needs to begin his or her journey in a hospital setting known as a “Detox”. There the alcoholic can safely begin to release the physical constraints the drug, alcohol, has on his well-being. There are more alcohol rehabs in Massachusetts than any of the other New England states.

However, like every other New England state the challenge of long-term/extended care men’s alcohol rehab has been diminished by the increasing absence of insurance coverage for the common person. Riverbank House Men’s Alcohol Rehab, located in the lakes region, in the city of Laconia, the foothills of the White Mountains – offers an affordable and extremely effective men’s alcohol rehab alternative.

Watch Happens in a Men’s Alcohol Rehab?

Few could argue that the alcoholic – in the throes of his drinking – acts very irresponsibly in his employer, toward his family and friends. Nor is he respectful of himself and his well-being. Yes, there are those alcoholics who are labeled “functioning alcoholics” but if you were to ask his friends and family if he was highly functional the consensus would be a resounding “no”.

So responsibility and accountability are a necessary part of the men’s alcohol rehab in the recovery process. Becoming an active part in a large household of men is one important part. Participating in groups, team events, and attending AA meetings are also ingredients that are important to his recovery. Each of these are an important ingredient in becoming fully responsible to himself and to others.

The Riverbank House Men’s Alcohol Rehab not only focuses on the past as a tool to learn about who you are in the present, but the House seeks to help House members to create a vision of peace, relatedness/connectedness, participation, empathy and compassion, patience and tolerance and a host of other higher qualities. This all begins with responsibility and discipline.

Why the Riverbank House Men’s Alcohol Rehab?

The Riverbank House Men’s Alcohol Rehab chooses to take the perspective that the men in this alcohol rehab are recovering their wholeness. This is the reason we continue to call the Riverbank House a whole house, not halfway house.

The goal here is to rediscover our values, to establish and nurture new values. All this takes action.

Every resident is required to participate in community life, and to acknowledge the shared values of collaboration, accountability, responsibility, nonaggression and mutual respect. Our goal is to inspire.

The Riverbank House Extended Care Alcohol Rehab community is firmly grounded in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Spiritual principles common to most religions are shared and daily meditations, yoga and self-discovery activities are requirements.
The phased program is designed to assist individuals in becoming skilled at self-monitoring. Obviously the 30 Day/Phase 1 involves extensive orientation to the house and to the extended community. There are over thirty 12 step meetings (AA, NA) within a quarter-mile of the House.

Phase 2, phase 3, and phase 4 allow for increasing levels of autonomy. Not autonomy as in being alone, but in the sense of increasing self-care and self-monitoring. Although the phases are 1 to 30 days, 30 to 60 days, and 60 days to six months progression through these phases is not time-based but effectiveness based. If you are not ready to move on to the next phase those challenges you have not yet met are identified and more support is given to manage them.

And at phase 4 – the opportunity to move into one of Riverbank House’s well-appointed sober houses becomes available to all members.

Because of Riverbank’s comparable services and is more financially feasible (than most men’s alcohol rehabsin Massachusetts) – we suggest that you explore our House as a viable and effective long-term residential facility.