Men’s Alcohol Rehab Centers in Rhode Island

Detoxification from alcohol is quite dangerous and often requires medical supervision. This is called an alcohol detox. Medically unsupervised detoxification from alcohol is often followed by delirium tremors, heart attacks and or seizures – all of which can lead to death. So this step, to remove the physical cravings and to begin treatment is a courageous one, but it is only the beginning. It is a rare person who can travel the path to recovery alone. Ongoing, long-term support ensures the success of the recovering person.

Rhode Island like any other state has a myriad of sober living and halfway house situations. Rhode Island also has a strong Alcoholics Anonymous community and a number of outstanding long-term care alcohol rehabs. However many of these alcohol rehabs are not providing treatment and structure. And even fewer are more affordable than the Riverbank House.

What Happens in a Men’s Alcohol Rehab?

Part of what the alcohol rehab seeks to re-create is balance. Most alcoholics have lost the balance in their life. Some have no balance whatsoever.

Having balance in one’s life is a responsibility. Balance helps to create good relationships, a good family life, effectiveness at one’s job and peace of mind. Alcohol has been used to create peace of mind. But its effects are only as long-lasting as its short-term presence in the body. Discipline, responsibility and accountability are often the first focus of an alcohol rehab.With these qualities in place the recovering alcoholic is better positioned to create familial relationships, new friendships, and a whole/spiritual relationship with himself and the higher power of his understanding. The recovering alcoholic with the qualities of balance is now able to reenter the workforce.
In the Riverbank House Men’s Alcohol Rehab we have a Phased Program, the four phases are designed to first establish accountability and responsibility, rediscovered a higher values and learn self-monitoring activities.

Why the Riverbank House?

The recovery journey is a process. It is a lifelong process that is renewed daily. In order to stop our self-destructive behavior, our cycle of addiction, and our alienation and isolation we must first surrender to the idea that we have power over alcohol and drugs.

Each individual is assigned a Recovery Coach who provides personal guidance and assistance the house member to study and work the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. In our model the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is a spiritual path. This program is enriched and supported by the inclusion of other spiritual concepts brought in from other religions – for example, the “12 principles of Buddhism”. And there are self-discovery activities – yoga – daily meditations and readings and group discussions.

The Riverbank House Men’s Alcohol Rehab has a four phase program. As a house member moves through the phases they graduate to new levels of self-monitoring in the accompanying autonomy. Phase 1 (the 30 day phase) is highly structured and the house member gets an orientation to community living (this type of collaborative, supportive community living is usually unfamiliar to most newcomers) and they are introduced to the local 12-step community. There are over 30 meetings within a quarter-mile of the House (AA and NA). This first phase could be qualified as “staying close to home”.

In phase 2 the emphasis on accountability and responsibility is strengthened. More is demanded an expected of the house member, not less. In phase 2, we also resurface the often discarded educational and/or career goals. In phase 3 we continue to work on those goals wholeheartedly.

Part of our role then becomes that of a role model; we reenter the community and bring our success to others.
We have a clear understanding of men’s alcohol rehabs in Rhode Island we have the homework – we are confident that we represent a very viable and more economical opportunity for the recovering alcoholic.