Men’s Alcohol Rehab Centers in Vermont

Perhaps the most important choice alcoholic will take is to seek help; help to begin to start out on the recovery process. Many journeys begin in a hospital setting. This is necessary because the detoxification from alcohol is life-threatening. Delirium tremors, seizures, and heart attacks can all lead to death.polvam

Once having the physical manifestations of their addiction under control, the question is how will the addict/alcoholic pursue his alcohol rehab in Vermont or elsewhere?  Many men leave the alcohol detox and choose not to go into a men’s alcohol rehab or long-term residential alcohol treatment. Many try to do it on their own, and a large number pursue support with 12 step programs.

Vermont Alcohol Rehab, a corporation of the Foundations Recovery Network provides alcohol rehab assistance to many Vermonters. It is one of the few alcohol rehabs in Vermont specializing in long-term residential care.  However as with many other state’s services the challenge is the financial cost.

Riverbank House Men’s Alcohol Rehab, located in the lakes region of New Hampshire and at the foothills of the White Mountains prides itself on being an affordable men’s alcohol rehab.

Perhaps the alcoholic who calls himself or is labeled a “functioning alcoholic” might have the most difficult time seeing the destructiveness and selfishness of his drinking. The guy who shows up at his job every day, does his work (or at least he thinks he does) has a difficult time admitting that he has an alcohol problem. However, if you were to ask his family or friends there would be little debate about alcohol and its negative effects.  The lack of balance is often glaring.

We all require balance. Typically the alcoholic and certainly the “functioning alcoholic” is out of balance. We need to rediscover what balance is; developing or remembering the qualities of balance requires discipline and accountability. Typically the alcoholic is fond of saying that his drinking “only hurts himself”.

A men’s alcohol rehab, six months, 12 months or more seeks to create, or re-create a foundation of higher qualities: empathy, patience, tolerance, responsibility and accountability. This requires discipline and is most effectively encouraged in a structured environment. If themen’s alcohol rehab is to work effectively the journey begins with a structured environment.

We refer to the Riverbank House as a “whole house” differentiating it from the halfway house perspective. Right from the start we like to language the idea of a whole person. Not a “broken person” or and “addicted person”, but of a person with addictions, of a person who is experiencing some brokenness. When we were born – as babies – we were born whole.

To discover, establish and nurture new values we must take action; all residents are required to be active in the community life at the Riverbank House Men’s Alcohol Rehab, participate in the shared principles of nonaggression and mutual respect, responsibility and accountability, and collaboration. The goal is to inspire, support, and to call one another (remind one another of) into their higher selves. From here, we rebuild lives of peace, purpose, dignity and integrity.

Upon arrival into the phase 1, the 30 day program the new member is given an orientation to the concepts of “community living”, he is asked to establish a commitment to one-on-one recovery sessions with his Recovery Coach. He is introduced to the expectations that are the basis for the 12 steps of recovery. The Riverbank House Men’s Alcohol Rehab is grounded in the Alcoholics Anonymous program of the 12 steps. It is complemented and enriched by spiritual principles which are common to many other religions. We include the “12 principles of Buddhism”, daily meditations, yoga, and self-discovery activities; all of these are requirements.

Phases two and three – 30 days to six months – seek to deepen and build a strong foundation of commitment to oneself and the corresponding responsibility/accountability that comes from making any commitment. Of course the community within the house is there to create a supportive network.

In phase 2 and phase 3, goals for career planning, educational advancement, financial planning and/or life management skills are explored. The individual’s acumen is assessed and development goals are establish and acted on.

Oh – we guess it would be important to share that we have a great deal of fun, community spirit, camaraderie and laughter – often at ourselves. Because our proximity to the White Mountains and living on a lake – we swim, water ski, snorkel, camp, rock climb, and snow ski.  That is part of our “SOLO NO MORE” commitment.

You will find that in almost every Google search – Riverbank House is the financially feasible choice than other men’s alcohol rehabs in Vermont– we hope you explore our House as a practical and effective extended care men’s  alcohol rehab residential facility.