Men’s Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers in New York

The state of New York is massive. The very hub of New York City and its five boroughs contain some of the finest alcohol rehabs in the country. However, for many, beginning on the journey to recovery means that they need to pull themselves away from their hometown environment. And for New Yorkers, particularly around “The City”, access to alcohol and drugs, as well as the speed of the environment is a tough challenge for an alcoholic to begin his journey.

Many alcoholics new to recovery, find success in the halls of Alcoholics Anonymous. However, even in the halls, only a few of those beginning on the recovery journey find success after their first alcohol detox. In fact, time and time again many alcoholics will relapse over and over again. Often the solution to this sobriety challenge is an alcohol rehab in New York. Often a men’s long-term residential alcohol rehab is his/her last choice when it should have been their first.

There is an opportunity to get “away from it all”. The setting of the Riverbank House stands in stark contrast to thealcohol rehabs in New York and certainly in NYC and its surrounding boroughs and towns. The peace and tranquility of the Lake Winnipesaukee River, the white mountains in the miles of trails surrounding small city of Laconia provide an alternative to the fast pace of lower New York State.

What Happens in a Men’s Alcohol Rehab?

If well-structured, the men’s alcohol rehab first begins to establish a higher sense of responsibility and accountability. For some, this is a completely new experience. For others, it is a re-discovering of quality behaviors long discarded.

There isn’t one person who steps into a detox and/or seeks to get support at a men’s alcohol rehab or treatment center that is not suffering from the effects of alcohol. It is always one of the final solutions chosen. The effects of alcohol are not simply physical. The damage alcohol creates stretches to the alcoholics job, his family – to his entire environment and his relationship with himself, and if he has a higher power – to God.

Although these consequences are often glaring, the alcoholic continues to minimize or completely deny the unplanned, undesirable consequences of his drinking. The effects are far-reaching – missed deadlines at work, important family events – and the hiding of the extent of his drinking, the lies and defensiveness he demonstrates to defend his right to drink.

Along with responsibility and accountability the men’s alcohol rehab seeks to help the alcoholics to re- remember, re-establish and or rediscover those other qualities of life that help to create balance, happiness and joy; patience and tolerance, generosity and compassion are among them.

Given that the men’s alcohol rehab is a community ,every person coming into that community must be introduced to the rules and expectations of living with others, supporting others, being a part of and not apart from.

Why the Riverbank House Men’s Alcohol Rehab?

The Riverbank House Men’s Alcohol Rehab has a four phase program.

The first phase, the 30 day phase, provides a newcomer with an orientation to community living as mentioned above, establishes his commitment to one-on-one recovery sessions with his Sober Coach, the schedule of group sessions and house meetings. They are also introduced to the daily required programming: readings in meditation, yoga, internal 12 step meetings and local 12-step meetings in the community. There are over thirty 12 step meetings (NA/ AA) within 300 yards of the facility. The Alcoholics Anonymous community in Laconia is very strong and supportive.

The second and third phases take the resident through the 12 steps, supported by a Recovery Coach – the past damage is assessed, the reasons, situations, beliefs and attitudes which are at the root of the addiction are uncovered.

This often dark journey is contrast with a continuous affirmation, the creation of a new perspective, that each of us have within us common higher principles: responsibility and accountability, compassion and generosity, patience and tolerance – love. When we were born, as babies, we were not broken. We discover our brokenness release it to the past where it belongs and live into a newly created, positive vision.

These latter phases are not to be labeled as obscure. There are definite expectations by the Recovery Coach for the completion of a hard copy 4th step. Definition and clarity about one’s past career in or their career goals or educational goals take shape on paper. Then the paper is turned into action.

Because New York is so close to the New England states we have the homework – we are knowledgeable regarding the other men’s alcohol rehabs in New York– we are confident that we represent a very viable and more economically feasible recovery opportunity.