New Jersey Men’s Sober Living and Halfway Houses

Substance abuse is a huge problem not only in the United States but in other countries as well. It doesn’t mean, however, that all addicts and alcoholics are just rejects/throw-aways in the community. It isn’t easy, but many of these individuals recover with proper support and guidance in a suitable environment. Recovering alcoholics and drug addicts find it difficult to adjust back to their previous lives and not give in to the urge of falling back to their old self-destructiveoften malicious habits. This is when the Riverbank House gets into the picture. The Riverbank House Residential Sober Living Treatment program gives its residents the supportive environment they desperately need and it has its own qualities that make it an – often cost-effective and favorable – choice over a men’s halfway house or men’s sober living treatment program inNew Jersey. Located at the foothills of the White Mountains in the lakes region, the Riverbank House – which is actually situated on the banks of the Winnipesaukee River – is a relaxing and peaceful environment most suitable for men who are striving to help themselves get better.

What is men’s sober living treatment program or a men’s halfway house?

Men’s Sober living treatment programs and men’s halfway houses are usually mistaken as facilities for those who were already given up by their own families and friends. On the contrary, these places are homes for those who have loved ones waiting for them to be prepared to live a happy, peaceful life once again.These environments operate with high regards to great human qualities such as kindness, compassion, and sense of duty. The Riverbank House provides a positive, thoughtful atmosphere to its residents and aims to keep them as far away from self-destruction and help them achieve anenjoyable, addiction-free life.

Why do newly sober individuals need to stay in astructured sober living or halfway house living environment?

After being trapped in a bad routine for so long, newly sober individuals find it challenging to fit in when they go back to their previous environment. The expectations of their family and loved ones coupled with the influences of their previous ‘party’ friends are usually too muchto handle that sooner or later they find themselves being trapped in the same routine once again. Men’s sober living environments and men’s halfway houses exist for this reason. Living in a structured living environment gives alcoholics and addicts a chance to socialize with people who understand them and give them the support they need while they struggle to keep themselves sober. The Riverbank House promotes a unique concept called ‘Solo No More Activities’. As the name suggests, it involves activities that aims to make the housemates feel that they are not alone anymore and help them realize how enjoyable doing activities with other people is. The activities are also designed to stimulate not only the residents’ bodies, but their minds and spirits as well. Like in other men’s sober livingenvironments, residents of the Riverbank House regularly attend in group sessions and one-on-one recovery coaching. Housemates are also expected to attend in local 12-step meetings and pass unscheduled alcohol and drug tests as part of their recovery process.

Who stays at the Riverbank House?

Everyone is welcome to stay at the Riverbank House. Residents from New Jersey’s Atlantic City, Vineland, Princeton, Lynwood, Galloway, Waterford, North Beach Haven, and Long Beach Township who believe the house will help them on their road to recovery are encouraged to explore a relationship with the Riverbank House.