New York Drug Treatment

There are a lot of reasons why people become addicted to drugs. Be it curiosity or experimentation, boredom, low self-esteem, peer pressure, pleasure, or to cope with stress, struggling substance abusers acknowledge the fact that one can easily get hooked to the vice. On the contrary, they also understand that for them to stay sober, they need continued support and guidance. Recovery is never out of reach, and change is possible with the right treatment and

Having a structured support system is essential in a person’s road to recovery. The more positive influences one has, the better his chances are to get back and live a normal, happy life.  The Riverbank House can effectively help by providing a positive environment where men can work together to live a full life of sustainable recovery.  It is located at White Mountain’s foothills, in the glorious lakes region, offering a peaceful, tranquil environment perfectly suited to individuals on the road to recovery.

Getting rid of the problem is the first step. For many men in recovery, their experiences in a men’s drug rehab taught them all about the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse.  While this may help them stop using while they are undergoing treatment, life outside of the drug rehab facility can still be challenging for them. Without a good plan for extended care, they will inevitably fail in their attempts to stay sober and succumb to the addiction that brought them to the drug rehab facility in the first place.

The Riverbank House recognizes this need for a structured progression, and has a one-on-one Recovery Coaching to guide a person to an understanding of the true, devious nature of addiction and provide the support structure necessary to establish, and more importantly, maintain, a new design for living.

Filling the emptiness left after quitting substance abuse is equally important. The void left by their previous addiction needs to be replaced with positive behavior for the change to take root and have a long term result. The best way to address this is to help the individual learn new skills, create opportunities, build trust, and develop problem solving abilities. They need to acquire the necessary life skills for them to be able to manage their personal affairs moving forward.

This is the foundation of the Riverbank House Extended Care Recovery Community philosophy.

One key to long-term sobriety is having a vision to live into; a vision you believe for yourself. “SOLO NO MORE ACTIVITIES” are part of developing camaraderie, effective team cooperation, and a sense of fun, even joy, without a drug; and the sense of living a bigger, brighter future.

Riverbank has a wide variety of activities specifically designed to reduce anxiety, isolation, and boredom that hinders recovery. SOLO NO MORE activities retrain the body, mind, and spirits, helping us lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Everyone’s welcome . If you want a warm, relaxed atmosphere, and join a community that practices collaboration, non-aggression, and mutual respect, then you’re more than welcome to join us as we support each other in facing the challenges on the road to recovery.