Rhode Island Halfway Houses and Men’s Sober Living

It is not uncommon for a man struggling with substance addiction to decide to stay in a structured living environment. A number of different reasons exist why men choose to stay in a sober house. Some are convinced by their family, friends, or lovers, whereas others decide by themselves.While some men would choose to reside in a Rhode Island men’s sober living or men’s halfway house residential program to stay close to their loved ones, there are also several advantages in living in a supportive environment not very near from one’s home setting. The Riverbank House offers a beautiful and relaxing environment where men can explore their options and help themselves get better. The house can be found in the stunning lakes region, at the foothills of the White Mountains.

What are halfway houses?

Men’s Halfway houses, along with men’s sober living environments and sober houses, are often mistaken to be a place for abandoned individuals. People who think that such facilities are homes for folks that were cut off by their own friends and family couldn’t be more wrong. These environments operate based on a foundation of ‘higher ethics’. Great qualities such as responsibility, generosity, and compassion are instilled and shared between the residents and the staff.

The Riverbank House provides an encouraging and supportive environment to recovering addicts and alcoholics. The facility’s primary goal is to pull its residents away from self-destruction and provide them a way to restore themselves and enjoy an exciting, addiction-free life.

What opportunities are waiting for a sobering individual in a residential men’s sober living treatment program or halfway house?

Newly sober individuals generally have trouble returning to their former lives as the environment they go back to is the same and they still come across with the people and the situations that make them want to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.Getting used to living an ordinary life takes time and the duration varies for everyone. Newly sober individuals need a supportive environment, a place where people understand them and help them better themselves.

The focus of sober living at the Riverbank House is linked primarily on personal accountability, along with collaborative relationships built between the residents. The facility provides peer support to recovering individuals, aided by the guidance and encouragement from the trained staff. The Riverbank House offers a more relaxed environment with lesser ordered activities than other Rhode Island men’s sober living environments. Its concept, ‘Solo No More Activities’, aims to inspire the residents to discover new passions while stimulating their mind, body, and spirit.

Like other halfway houses in Rhode Island or residential sober living treatment programs, the Riverbank House conducts group meetings to help the residents prepare themselves to re-enter into the community. Self-discipline is reinforced by other residents and the staff.Unscheduled drug and alcohol tests are also conducted as part of the program. The residents understand their responsibility to themselves and the other residents. The parameters of accountability are made exceptionally clear.

What are expected from the residents of the Riverbank House?

Everyone is expected to be respectful of their fellow residents and the staff. Violence and destructive behavior are in no way tolerated and everybody is expected to be responsible of themselves. The staff are there to assist the residents and ensure they live in a principled manner.

The Riverbank House welcomes Rhode Island residents.New housemates shouldn’t be surprised if they find fellow residents from Providence, Newport, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket, and Bristol.