randy-headshot2Dear friends,

In 2012, I founded the Riverbank House residential recovery community to give men of all ages a fighting chance against the drug addiction epidemic that tears at the fabric of so many lives. The disease of active addiction threatens not just the life of the addicted; it corrodes the very quality of life for sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents, friends, partners, spouses, and loved ones.

The pain of addiction is personal to me. My own struggles with substance misuse caused excruciating heartache and exhaustion for the family and friends who watched helplessly as I rejected every opportunity to be the best version of the person they loved.

For years I cycled in and out of drug rehabs and treatment facilities across the country.

Now, blessed with sustained recovery, I have committed myself to helping others escape addiction and find their way back to loved ones.

Riverbank House offers an innovative, holistic, and dynamic program that recognizes the importance of long-term residential recovery support and its cost effectiveness.

Tragically, healthcare insurers do not offer coverage for the long-term residential recovery services that experts deem necessary for successful, sustained freedom from drug misuse and abuse.   At Riverbank House we are always working to stay as affordable as possible, and we encourage families in need to apply for our “Save A Life” grants.

Together, by combining our forces of hope and support, we can “Save A Life” by putting Riverbank House long-term residential recovery care within reach of deserving men who seek a future of sustainable freedom from addiction. Together, we can help men escape addiction and become the best version of themselves so loved by family and friends.

With a grateful heart, I thank you for considering Riverbank House.



Randy Bartlett

Questions? Contact Riverbank House founder Randall Bartlett personally at 603.759.2895 or via email at r@riverbankhouse.net

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