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Indiana Inpatient Rehab is a trusted recovery center where we work to bring hope and long-lasting recovery to individuals suffering from addiction. At our drug rehab in Shelbyville, IN, we focus on offering first-class treatment through consistent service and remarkable patient outcomes.

What is detox in addiction treatment?

Medical detox is the process of safely removing toxic remains from your body. Detox helps to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms when you refrain from using drugs or consuming alcohol. The process of detox can take anywhere from 7 - 10 days, and it helps the recovering addict deal and cope with withdrawal symptoms in a calm and composed manner. However, the length of experiencing withdrawal symptoms can last for a couple of weeks to months, depending on factors like:

  • Type of substance used
  • Duration of addiction
  • Severity of addiction
  • Method of intake (snorting, injecting, or smoking, etc.)

Furthermore, the genetic makeup and the underlying mental health conditions also play a significant role in the effectiveness of a medical detox program. At our drug rehab in Shelbyville, IN, we offer medically assisted detox programs at affordable prices. 

Can I detox at home for addiction?

Trying to detox at home should be strictly avoided for two reasons. Firstly, detox is no joke. It involves the use of prescription medications in the right dosages by a certified medical practitioner to help the human body cleanse toxic remains. Trying to detox at home can have fatal consequences. Similarly quitting drugs "cold turkey" can have adverse health effects like seizures, severe dehydration, etc.

Secondly, it is crucial to undergo medical detox to get started on recovery. Any measures you take to avoid drugs without undergoing medical detox will fail in vain. As a part of our inpatient detox, we offer 24/7 medical care, support, and monitoring to our patients.

Drug detox during pregnancy

Women that get pregnant accidentally have a strong motive to stop using drugs for the wellbeing of the baby. Drinking alcohol or using drugs even in extremely small dosages can severely harm the fetus's brain and development. Furthermore, it can also lead to birth complications for the mother. However, future mothers should not quit drugs or alcohol cold turkey as that also can negatively affect the unborn child. In many cases, it can lead to preterm labor and fetal distress.

We recommend that pregnant women seek medical supervision from an addiction specialist or a rehab center as soon as they find out about their pregnancy. The doctors at our rehab facility are highly skilled and employ the safest methods to help an expecting mother and her fetus safely recover from addiction. We also provide inpatient medical detox services for expecting mothers keeping in mind the safety and wellness of you and your baby.

At our drug rehab in Shelbyville, IN we have a reputation high-quality treatment and distinguished staff. At Indiana Inpatient Rehab, we offer effective care by treating each client with respect, and empathy, and by working with them on a personal level. Visit or call us to know more about our treatments and prices.

Drug Rehab Shelbyville In
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Drug Rehab Shelbyville In
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