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Free Mental Health Services Orange County CA

Free Mental Health Services Orange County CA

California residents are often surprised to learn that FEMA has provided funding for BeWellLine to offer free mental health services in Orange County, CA during Covid. If you need emotional support during the pandemic or simply need to speak with someone who cares about your situation, our helpline staff is here to take your call day and night. Our crisis line was established as the best way to maintain mental health during COVID 19- and there’s absolutely no cost to you or your insurance company when you call us at 866-440-3365.

Top 4 Times to Call a Mental Health Crisis Line

1. Are you feeling isolated from friends and family due to Covid mandates? You’re not alone, even if you feel like no one is there or cares. BeWellLine can answer your phone call, text with you, or provide support through our mental health online Web conference services. Feeling isolated can lead to depression and anxiety; just knowing that someone is there who cares about your situation can make a big difference.

2. Do you worry that the Covid mandates will never come to an end or that life will never return to normal for you? That’s actually a very common concern for CA residents, and is not one that comes with an easy answer. However, it’s important that when you’re feeling confused about what the future holds you make an effort to reach out to someone who can be a source of comfort. We may not be able to answer all of your questions about what’s next concerning Covid, but we can certainly be a friend when you’re feeling uncertain about life.

3. If you’re considering suicide, know that you’re walking through a temporary situation, and that suicide is a permanent outcome. You’ll feel a lot better about your circumstances after speaking with one of our counselors. More than 7,000 California residents have touched base with BeWellLine and found hope to get through life’s difficulties. We’re not just a suicide hotline- our agents can also provide free resources to help with health concerns, depression, anxiety, financial matters, and housing.

4. Does your financial situation prevent you from getting help from a mental health facility close to home? Rest easy- we offer free mental health services to Orange County, CA and all California residents. There are no hidden fees, so there’s nothing to worry about. You’re eligible to contact us six times at no cost to you whatsoever, either by phone (866-440-3365), through email, or through our website if you want to connect via Web conference. Web chat is available, as well, so you don’t even have to leave our website to find answers to your questions.

Don’t let Covid keep you down; whether you’re sick with the virus or are in need of mental health support services, we’re here for you. Thanks to FEMA, you won’t have to pay for a counseling session or therapy when you feel confused, alone, or depressed.

Free Mental Health Services Orange County CA

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