Long Term Drug Rehab

Drugs are killing people around the globe, and a vast population is suffering from drug abuse. Long term drug rehab can help save the lives of people around you. At The Riverbank House, we are putting vigorous effort to help victims of drug abuse. Our goal is a clean and sober lifestyle for everyone.

How is long term rehabilitation different?

Long term rehab emphasizes cutting the outer distractions and focusing on the individual itself. It provides mental and emotional support, ensuring the patients' good mental wellbeing. Patients don't feel like outcasts and adjust quickly.

Our service makes all this possible through our highly competent and skilled staff members. It is like a family here, and the environment is full of positivity. We handle the patients and take care of them professionally.

What is the cost of long term rehab programs?

Due to being longer in duration, long term programs are much higher in terms of price. But the special services offered during the rehab justifies the point. Inpatient facilities cost more as they are treatment centers located at special locations.

We know that not all patients can afford the programs as insurance does not cover long term drug rehab. But, here, we have our own "Save a life grant" for people who cannot afford this treatment. You can even borrow money and pay in installments later. This makes our services the most affordable and friendly.

What are the stages of long term rehabilitation?

There are four main stages of recovery:

  1. Treatment initiation: Reaching out is half recovery. When someone starts thinking and looking for rehabilitation options, he is in his first stage.
  2. Taking action: This stage involves physical effort. This phase starts when the patient goes out to centers or admits himself to long term rehab. It is the foundation of long term rehab in which they control the drug intake of the patients.
  3. Detox: Removing the alcohol or drug residues in the patient's body. The team uses medicine for this, which results in severe reactions from the body. The patient might feel anxiety, depression, rapid heart rate, etc.
  4. Therapy and maintenance: Patients work along with professional therapists who train them in living a sober life. Therapy is a long going process, and it has to continue even long after completing the treatment.

We take care of l these principles of rehab are care of at our community for effective results.

The success rate in the long term recovery

People who feel isolated from society have a high success rate of recovery. Here, in the community, they have someone they can relate to, talk to, and feel alike. This increases the chance of recovery, giving the emotional strength to the victim. It results in a drug-free lifestyle that they wish for.

Our community is more like a family where everyone works together for the betterment of each other. There are numerous healthy traditions inside the community. People who have come to us have left with satisfaction.

Therefore, here, at The RiverBank House, our long term drug rehab will yield results. Our dedicated nature is what makes us different.

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