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Masturbation Addiction Recovery Center Boulder

Masturbation Addiction Recovery Center Boulder

Sex and porn addiction are as harmful as drug addiction. Just like substance abuse, sex and porn addiction can have a negative impact on the life of the individual destroying personal, family, and social relations. This addiction will further cause the person to lose concentration and start feeling anxious and distressed.

Get Porn Addiction Treatment In Boulder

Feeling a positive urge to fight porn and sex addiction is nothing to be ashamed of. Once you have realized that you need help on this matter, finding a masturbation addiction recovery center, Boulder should be your next move.

Begin Again Institute is the oldest sex addiction treatment center in the U.S. and with certified therapists and physicians, we try to help couples overcome the trauma caused by sex and porn addiction.

About Begin Again Institute

The Begin Again Institute offers sex addiction treatment Boulder service to help men fight sex addiction, conquer the side effects of this addiction and also restores their relationship with their partners. The Institute was founded by Dr. Michael Barta who wanted to help individuals as well as couples in healing from sex and pornography addiction. From the day of its inception, Begin Again has helped several men, women, and couples in the healing process.

Our Approach Towards Sex Addiction Treatment

Healing for sex and porn addiction requires the best counselors and a well-laid treatment program. We use trauma-based and neurobiology-based masturbation addiction treatment in Boulder. Our counselors and therapists are certified, specialists who use experiential and evidence-based therapies to provide comprehensive treatment to men and women suffering from sex and porn addiction.

Dr. Barta and his team members utilize cutting-edge treatments to help individuals and couples heal from the destruction caused by sex addiction. This way we guide couples in restoring the lost balance of their relationship and start over a new leaf.

How We Treat Our Patients?

We aid men through our Partner Support Program which includes a 10-hour session with Laurie Hall who is a sex addict therapist. This program is included in the 14-day men‘s intensive outpatient program along with partners and couples intensive program. These programs are powered by individual and group therapy sessions.

Through this program, we try to find the underlying problem of this addiction, and once we find the root cause of sex addiction, we communicate with our patients and provide them with the necessary care and support required to start their path towards recovery. Dr. Barta has designed the treatment process through three stages:

  • 14-Day intensive program for men struggling with sex and porn addiction.
  • Partner support program for the partners that suffered the trauma.
  • A continued care program for long-term recovery.

Treatment In A Luxurious Facility

Our facility is located in a beautiful and calming atmosphere at the foot of the beautiful Rocky Mountain's just outside of Boulder. Our facility offers a natural scenic surroundings that can have a favorable effect on your overall health. You can go hiking to keep yourself energetic and enjoy the wildlife to your heart's fullest. We also provide transportation, meals, and round-the-clock house management supervision to fulfill all your varying needs during your treatment.

Contact Begin Again Institute for the world's leading intensive healing for sex porn addictions and intimacy disorders at 720-702-4608.

Masturbation Addiction Recovery Center Boulder
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Masturbation Addiction Recovery Center Boulder
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