Sober Living House Near Me

Sober Living House Near Me

Bloom Recovery is a top-rated sober living house near me with hundreds of positive reviews and luxury amenities. We help our residents adopt a healthy routine, get a job, and build a new social circle, thereby strengthening their commitment to sobriety in the long term.

How long do I stay in a sober living home?

Ideally, residents stay in sober living homes for anywhere between 90 and 180 days. Some sober living homes limit the number of days residents can live with them. However, we do not rush our recovering addicts and allow them to stay with us as long as they need.

What are the rules for sober living homes?

The rules of sober living vary from one house to another. Ranked as one of the top halfway homes, we conduct random drug screenings and require residents to participate in support group sessions and daily house meetings. We have a zero-tolerance policy, but we assist and encourage our clients to return to residential rehab if they relapse. Like most aftercare centers, we also have curfews and expect residents to participate in household chores.

Can I have a vehicle?

As one of the top-rated sober living homes, we encourage our residents to find a job and help them become self-sufficient. We also allow residents to have a car if they possess a valid license. 

Can I have visitors during my stay at a sober living home?

The visitation policy differs from one rehab to another. We allow visitors during specific visiting hours with a few limitations on the number of visitors you can have. We encourage our residents to maintain healthy, meaningful, and new relationships with those who support their recovery.

How much does it cost to live at a sober living home?

The cost of living at a sober living home can vary depending upon its location, services offered, and the amenities. Typically, staying at a halfway house can cost anywhere between $500 and $750 a month. Most facilities have a one-time enrolment fee of $250 upon admission.

Does insurance pay for sober living?

Insurance doesn't cover the cost of living at a sober living home. However, if your halfway house offers professional addiction treatment or services, you can use your insurance to pay some of those costs. Most halfway houses do not accept insurance or state health coverage. Nevertheless, call your insurance provider to verify the benefits covered in your plan or check a halfway house directory to search for rehabs that accept your insurance plan.

What amenities do you offer residents?

Listed among the premier recovery homes in California, we are a 4200 square feet property with seven bedrooms and four bathrooms. Our residents gain access to a fully equipped gym, participate in meditation groups, and engage in recreational activities.

Your search for the best sober living house near me ends here. Contact us at 805-248-3473 / 818-462-1910 to join Bloom Recovery. We help individuals transition from a residential treatment center to the real world by providing them with a structured environment. 

Sober Living House Near Me
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Sober Living House Near Me
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