Listen to What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Dear Randy,
My 8 months here at the RiverBank House with my brothers has changed me in a way that can hardly be put into words. I came here in August of 2013 a broken soul dealing with my addiction to alcohol, opiates, depression and severe fear and anxiety… life seemed very dark.
Randy, Brian and my house brothers have helped me to open up my heart and mind and have helped me to find myself. It’s due to living here at RB, having daily structure in my life again, living in a comfortable, safe environment where the guys in the house actually care about me, and I them.. This has set me forth on a path of recovery second to none.
I can’t express enough the gratitude that I have in my heart for Randy and the RiverBank experience that has transformed my life. If you really want to get your life back on the path that God has intended for you, look no further… the BROTHERHOOD of the RIVERBANK EXPERIENCE will save your life as it has mine.
My contact information is there to use, reach out and ask me any questions..!!
Thanks Randy, you played a key role in saving my life..!!
God Bless,
Brett Sobkowich

I entered the Riverbank House program on January 4, 2013 and completed transitioning the month of September 2013. This is my 3rd time through rehab; however it is my first time at an extended care facility. During my stay we spent an exceptional amount of time working on relapse prevention, recovery plans, goal setting, relationships, diet and nutrition, bucket lists, money management and understanding the value of a dollar, and also participated in kayaking, hiking, Buddhism, sledding, boating, camping, snowboarding, biking, bowling, campfires, swimming, geo-caching, kickboxing, tennis, drum circles, yoga, meditation, and even toured Niagara Falls. I really learned to live again and see how fabulous my life could be.

I worked with a house approved sponsor while there and am now in the process of making my amends. My first three or four months I was fully engaged in their full schedule program, pretty much sun up to sun down. Not only am I grateful to have my life back again but grateful that there is a place I could feel comfortable and enjoy myself the entire way through the process. I believe Riverbank House has one of the best programs in the country.


As of December 18th, 2014 I have been clean of all alcohol and drugs. My journey into sobriety started in proctor II, at Mclean hospital. During my stay there, one of the staff members helped me look through several different options for an aftercare plan. One in particular caught my eye, it was Riverbank House in Laconia New Hampshire. Riverbank stuck out to me because of its vast array of activities and amenities. These included yoga, a full gym, musical instruments, skiing and massages. Even though the program was chalked full of luxury the price tag was significantly cheaper than any other program I had perused. On top of the already discounted price, I also received a grant from the owner Randy. Prior to getting into detox at Mclean, I had made calls to several rehab programs. The disposition of each conversation seemed more like a business call, than a talk about the road to recovery. Randy however spoke to me with compassion, and seemed genuinely interested in my sobriety.

Having made the decision to become a resident of Riverbank has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. The amenities I listed above, were the reason I came to Riverbank, but are not the reason I stay today. When I first arrived, my plan was to stay for two months, sit through horribly boring AA meetings and then leave. Over the course of my stay, I have changed quite a bit, and have learned a substantial amount about myself and what it takes to stay sober. No longer do I dread going to AA meetings, I actually look forward to attending them. One of my favorite attributes of the program is that it doesn’t feel like a hospital; Riverbank allows me to feel like I’m still out in the real world. Each day I grow more and more towards a life of self-reliance and well-being.

Everyday we have groups and learn about what character defects lead us to use and isolate. Randy attends most of these meetings and challenges us to question our broken belief systems and not be afraid to share how we are feeling. I now understand the importance of dealing with life on life’s terms and would recommend the Riverbank House to anyone who is willing to try a new way of life, a life I’m experiencing today filled with happiness, joy and freedom.


I am writing to the Seabrook House to remain in contact which was encouraged by staff, along with giving an update on my well being in sobriety. With the help of the Seabrook House staff I decided to enter a Clean and Sober Transitional Living at the Riverbank House in Laconia, New Hampshire. Since being at the Riverbank House I have learned a lot about the AA/NA program but more importantly I have learned a lot about myself. The Riverbank House does an excellent job providing us with activities that get us to slowly interact and become part of the community again.

At this moment I have began to work again along with picking up some other responsibilities that addiction took away. The Riverbank House prepared me and showed me the benefits of activities such as: yoga, meditation, kayaking, hiking, biking, and skiing among many other things that helped me find happiness within myself again which gave me the confidence needed to further better my life in sobriety. Through the Riverbank House I have been able to keep an open-mind in anything that comes my way along with new outlets of enjoyment.

I would personally like to thank the Seabrook House in providing me with the option to come to the Riverbank House. This decision has tremendously helped me in sobriety and would encourage anyone who is serious about entering a Clean and Sober Transitional Living to look into what the Riverbank House offers, because it has offered me a new outlook on life.


I was recently referred to the Riverbank House from Mclean Hospital and originally committed to the 28 day program but the community and staff helped me quickly realize the severity of my disease. Since arriving I have committed to five months of the full program and then the transitional facility to assist me integrating back into the real world. Randy and his staff are very knowledgeable and push me to really change myself in order to build a solid foundation for the remainder of my life. They helped me understand 28 days is just not enough time and I’ve come to realize addiction is out to get me in many different ways and I need to be prepared and the Riverbank House has provided me with the resources and tools necessary. The Riverbank facility itself and accomodations are incredible, we pride ourselves on maintaining a clean house which helped teach me accountability and how to be mindful of the way I show up in a community and all other aspects of my life. All of us in the community help each other out to better ourselves and in the process have established a brotherhood of sorts as we learn to deal with any situation that may arise. The groups and curriculum are very well structured and cover a variety of topics that are insightful to my recovery. While we focus a lot on the 12-step recovery of Alcoholic’s Annoymous we are exposed to a variety of other ideals and work to find out which one we can relate to the best. We attend AA meetings on a daily basis and are encouraged to become a part of the community rather than a part from. I’ve found AA will be the foundation that I need to maintain my sobriety but also I understand there is much more work required outside of meetings and the Riverbank House has helped me identify this. We are also blessed with the ability to experience life through so many incredible recreational activities, some I could never have imagined. Our brotherhood is built during these days, which occur every Thursday and Saturday.

I have been here for five months and I would highly recommend the Riverbank House to anyone who is serious about their recovery. I would not be where I am today mentally, physically and spiritually if it was not for Randy and his staff. It has truly been a blessing to come here and I hope someone else can experience the life I am living today!


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