What Drug Rehab Centers Make the Best Drug Rehabilitation Programs?

Riverbank House directly addresses the issue of responsibility and accountability.  The addict is an example of “self will run riot”.  In the self-will mode the addict’s accountability is a coincidence and not a function of accountability.Система естественной вентиляции

Riverbank’s primary treatment component is our four-phased program. Each phase creating a greater sense of responsibility and accountability to oneself and to their immediate community – while gradually increasing the level of independence and freedom we experience in everyday life. Again, the best drug rehabilitation program is about application; managed application.

By example, (as mentioned above) all new residents go through Phase I, a 28 day program. During this phase, residents are introduced to their sober coach, the other residents and the outside community. The resident is also introduced to the drug rehab centers daily structure and the guidelines for participation and involvement with the program and the other residents are clearly established. During this 28 day drug rehab center approach, the resident is generally confined to the house – except for attendance at local AA meetings.  The 28 day format does not define the best drug rehabilitation programming, but it is a common component for many.

As each house member demonstrates his ability to comply with the house structures and requirements, he advances through the other phases of the program. WE, at the Riverbank House believe strongly that demonstrated changes define the best drug rehabilitation programs.  The acquisition of knowledge does not define the best drug rehabilitation programs but a shift in perception and action does. One characteristic of movement through the drug rehab centers phases is that the client is allowed and encouraged to participate in the outside community, thereby increasing his independence from the drug rehab centers internal activities while demonstrating his self-monitoring skills dealing with the world outside the rehab. This aspect of the drug rehab centers program “separates the men from the boys”; and the best drug rehabilitation centers from those less successful.

Our phases provide residents with smaller more manageable milestones where progress in sober living is more obvious and more measurable. As we become more disciplined, better able to step back and respond – rather than react, we respond. Our progress becomes apparent to those around us, and eventually to ourselves. Oddly, as in addiction we are often the last to know our growth too. Thus the outside community, our extended care programming, and the “extended care” family is so critical; all the more benefit of a well-planned, drug rehab center – sober living environment.

Some seeking recovery, Google “best drug rehabilitation” or “best drug rehab centers” looking to find the most well-appointed, luxurious program they can for the money. In reality – the best drug rehabilitation programs are the ones where you create a sober life of dignity and self-respect.



Think about this:  a family member watching the slow destruction of their loved one might be seeking a drug rehab for their loved one, or sometimes the addicted person will be seeking out a rehab for themselves.  (Generally this is not the case as the addicted person is usually too lost in addiction to take any positive action up to do anything.)  One of the searches that I could envision someone typing is “best rehab centers, best drug, or  best drug rehabilitation program rehab, best alcohol rehabs” – looking for ‘the best’.  (We all want the best, right? Generally when people type in something like “best drug rehabilitation program ” they are looking for a rehab that is well appointed, luxurious. There was a show on television recently called “Dr. Drew’s Rehab”.

(For whatever reason famous people, mostly musicians and actors allow themselves to be videoed and a weekly show is created about their journey to sobriety.)

Bottom line — the facility that they get “sober” in is ‘over-the-top ‘luxurious. Perhaps when people type in best rehab they are looking for some well-appointed facility. But – indeed – what are the elements that create or combined together to create a “best rehab”?

Is not the best drug rehabilitation program the one that works most often?

Is not the best drug rehabilitation program the one that produces a true psychological and physiological change in the patient/client so that sobriety is solid and long-term?

Isn’t it true that the best drug rehabilitation program is one that breathes new life into an individual’s life which is deeply physically, emotionally and spiritually sick? Luxurious or not is this not the result that we are searching for?