Wild horses

The resilience of nature is a continuous source of inspiration for me. When I hear that endangered wild horses have found refuge in Chernobyl, one of the worst man-made disasters in human history, I think of the elasticity present in each one of us.
Starting over isn’t easy, especially when trying to get sober. The creature comforts get taken away and we are forced to deal with our emotions – one thing many of us were seeking to escape with substances. If recovery could guarantee a lifetime of happiness and positive emotions, sobriety would be a much easier sell. But what are positive emotions without the negative ones to compare to? The yin and the yang.

In order to deal with negative emotions I need shelter. Day by day, I find that dealing with the full emotion spectrum is not an overwhelming experience. Like the Przewalski horses, I am returning to the buildings long left abandoned and finding comfort. A new home. That’s how this nuclear scientist sees it, anyway.