Alcohol Rehab Centers in Connecticut

For an alcoholic, seeking help may be indeed the most important decision of his/her life. Not too many parents or loved ones would disagree with this assessment.

Because detoxification from alcohol can be life-threatening and alcohol rehab often begins in a hospital setting known as a detox. While there are some outstanding men’s alcohol rehab in Connecticut, such as The Watershed, for most recovering alcoholics this long-term, extended alcohol rehab is out of reach financially. It is interesting to note that both of these facilities are also coed.

The Riverbank House Men’s Alcohol Rehab provides itself on providing one of the most cost-effective extended care alcohol treatment centers in New England with a proven successful model for recovery.

What Happens in a Men’s Alcohol Rehab?

The alcoholic has a life out of balance. Few who admit to being an alcoholic have been drinking only a short part of their lives. This problem drinking has typically been going on for years, sometimes decades. The effect of this drinking is a life out of balance. Huge parts of their lives are ignored; the integrity and effectiveness of their work for one. The active alcoholic’s empathy and responsibility to their family and friends is often inconsistent and sometimes nonexistent. And perhaps most glaring defect is the self-inflicted damage to his physical and mental well-being.

Structure, self-discovery, and the nurturing of higher qualities – tolerance and patience, generosity and compassion, responsibility and accountability are key to the alcoholic’s recovery. A men’s alcohol rehab in Connecticut will have the same focus if it going to be effective.

The alcohol rehab provides the structure, support and guidance from the destructiveness of his past life to the joys and benefits possible in a life without alcohol.

Why the Riverbank HouseMen’s Alcohol Rehab?

We differentiate ourselves, at the Riverbank House, from halfway houses by describing ourselves as a “whole house”. It is the same perspective that we support one another in coming from – that each of us is a whole person. We are not simply “addicts”, not simply “alcoholics” – we are not simply “broken people”. We are persons who have addictions, we are persons who are experiencing brokenness in our lives. Most importantly we are persons who are now committed to healing and mending our brokenness, and surrendering to our powerlessness and overcoming our addictions.

None of us as babies were born broken mentally, spiritually and physically. (Of course we may have birth defects.) We were born open to discovery, willing to be loved and to love others, and being in total awe of everything around us. Then – life got to us!

To rediscover and discover, to reestablish and establish these intrinsic values and principles we must take action. All residents are required to be active in the community life at the Riverbank House. As we arrive into phase 1, the 30 day phase of the Riverbank House Men’s Alcohol Rehab we are introduced to the ideas, concepts and requirements of “community living”. We learn that we are required to fully participate in the shared principles of responsibility and accountability, nonaggression, respect for others and respect for ourselves.

Of course the men’s alcohol rehab is a place where we examine how our past behaviors have created unplanned, and undesirableconsequences. But to balance of the scales – to create a picture of a complete person, we must also inspire one another, support one another and call one another into being people of dignity, integrity, purpose and collaboration.

The 30 day phase, phase 1 is when the new member is oriented into the concepts of “community living.” He is introduced to his Recovery Coach and is asked to establish a commitment to one-on-one recovery sessions, to participate fully with in-house meetings, group meetings, daily meditations the readings. Upon arrival the newcomer is asked to make a commitment to work the 12 steps of recovery. AAs 12 steps of recovery are not simply 12 ideas. These are 12 action steps. Some of them, like the fourth step, is completed with wholehearted commitment to exhaustive self-searching, but once completed it becomes a past accomplishment. Other steps, 10, 11, and 12 are practiced daily. During the members stay at the Riverbank HouseMen’s Alcohol Rehab program – given that they see the program through – the fullness and value of these steps will be realized.

30 days to six months, is the timeframe for phases two and three. During this period the house member’s efforts are redoubled as they are encouraged to build an even stronger foundation of self-care, and the responsibility and accountability that comes from making promises and commitments.Self-esteem is created by taking risks and massive action on those commitments. The perceived “success or failure” is minimized and the emphasis is placed on the courage it takes to carry on.

In phase 2 and 3 – goals for career planning, educational advancement, financial planning and/or life management skills are explored. The individual acumen is assessed and development goals are establish and acted on.
In almost every search Riverbank House is more financially feasible than othermen’s alcohol rehabs in Connecticut– we hope you explore our House as a practical and effective extended care men’s alcohol rehab residential facility.