Recovery: Growth Mindset

When trying to overcome any challenge in life, being confident and believing in yourself is one of the most important focuses. It can be nearly impossible to overcome a challenge when you repeatedly tell yourself “I cannot accomplish this”. When your inner monologue is consistently self-doubting, your brain and body begin to believe the things […]


Recovery Community Review

Solo No More — The Riverbank House Recovery Community Retrospect August 30, 2018 by Jessie Brooks-Janzen, MSW (reprint, lightly edited for format) I work with Individuals and Families impacted by Addictive Behavior.   That work often entails exploring treatment options for loved ones.  Finding the right recovery community or program can be difficult and overwhelming.  There […]

Karen Franklin

Intervention Help for Families Ready to Confront Addiction

Karen Franklin of Family Intervention & Recovery Services Riverbank House recently sat down with Karen.  We spoke about the help available to families through addiction intervention. RBH: Many families don’t know about interventions or about working with a professional interventionist.  Why and when would a family want to speak with a professional?  And what does […]

Parent Resource

A Resource for Parents Dealing with Addiction

How Addiction Affects Parents When a son or daughter struggles with addiction, parents become secondary victims of the unprecedented opioid epidemic that kills 90 Americans each day.  The experience of parenting through addiction can be devastating to the powerless parent, to a marriage, to the family as a whole.  The downloadable resource guide “Waiting Between:  When […]

Speaking About Recovery

Riverbank House Community Member Receives PAARI Award

Riverbank’s Pat Anderson Recognized for Work in Recovery by the Police Assisted Addiction Recovery Initiative On June 28, PAARI honored the law enforcement partners, public health leaders, and elected officials who have helped grow its mission nationwide.  PAARI encourages opioid drug users to seek recovery, distributes life saving opioid blocking drugs to prevent and treat overdoses, connects […]

Dueling with Addiction

Getting Rich Off Addiction, Reward Over Risk

Ever wonder how to make BIG MONEY from the opioid epidemic?  Large financial firms have discovered that investments in suffering offer reward over risk.  One example firm —Deerfield Management  — shows how it’s done, if you can follow the money* Invest in Addiction Recovery Care $38M: value of Deerfield’s stock ownership in American Addiction Centers […]

Recovery Centers of America Catches on to Recovery Neighborhood Concept of Care

RCA Hopes to One Day Create Neighborhoods Much Like Riverbank House Drug Rehab in New Hampshire Recovery Centers of America, the up and coming chain of commercial addiction treatment facilities backed by the Big Pharma investors at Deerfield Management and headed up by a real estate developer and former pharmaceutical executive, is hoping to establish recovery […]

Drug Free at Riverbank House

The Drug Addiction Epidemic in the News

National Newspapers Huffington Post Pulitzer nominated eight chapter expose “Dying To Be Free” by Jason Cherkis.  Print There’s A Treatment For Heroin Addiction That Actually Works.Why Aren’t We Using It? The Washington Post  Cheap Fix:  Heroin’s Resurgence: “And Then He Decided Not to Be” by Marc Fisher.  Print David McCarthy briefly got clean on his own after […]

Gift of Time

Why Drug Addiction Requires Long-term Treatment and Extended Recovery Care

Opioid Dependence and Opioid Addiction In the context of drug treatment, we seem to understand that you can be opioid dependent without being opioid addicted (in, say, the case of a terminally ill cancer patient). We seem to understand that opioid dependence and opioid addiction are directly linked. But sometimes we forget – with the […]

sand time

Why Long-Term Addiction Treatment Works

Successful Drug Addiction Treatment takes 90 days or more A great article published in PsychCentral a few years ago outlines the benefits of long-term drug treatment by asking “How Long Is ‘Long-Term’ Drug Rehab?” The article, written by David Sack, MD, is a near-prophecy for the comprehensive program developed by Riverbank House in Laconia, NH. […]

Riverbank Success Stories: Ryan, 23 How Fear and Anxiety Transformed Into Curiosity and Optimism

Before Riverbank House, merely existing as an active alcoholic felt like a 24/7 job. Real employment or working towards any kind of a future interfered with my drinking.  I lied, I cheated, I manipulated, and I stole, mainly from my parents and those closest to me.  I felt worthless, hopeless and alone.  Addiction destroyed every […]

Detox help

Drug Detox is Not Drug Treatment

Addiction Recovery’s 1st Step When chronic drug users and alcoholics separate from an addictive substance they often need help coping with withdrawal.  Detox is a popular umbrella term in the lingo of addiction recovery services, but new terms are emerging.  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration defines crisis stabilization as a direct service […]

6 Risk Factors in Opiate Overdose

Dead is Dead When you walk into a drug rehab in Laconia, New Hampshire, there’s a bulletin board posted with activity schedules, inspiring quotes about recovery, and facts about drug addiction. Beneath the bulletin board there’s a shrine of sorts, remembrances for a former resident who left addiction treatment and died of a heroin overdose. […]

Heroine Addiction


PARENTS OF ADDICTS:  WHAT’S WRONG WITH US A mother is only as happy as her saddest child — Chinese Proverb The brittle stress, the penetrating fatigue, the stunned loneliness and social isolation, and the impotency of our parental love has a name.  Well before the opioid epidemic scorched New Hampshire and Maine and Massachusetts and […]

Addiction Treatment


Drug Rehab Also Unavailable for Many Throughout All New England 1,256 people in Massachusetts will have no shot at opioid addiction treatment because they died in 2014 of a drug overdose.  And drug related death in 2014 will make addiction rehab no longer possible for 326 drug users in New Hampshire, 208 in Maine, 92 […]


The Evil Genius of OxyContin Marketing

There’s a new game that people play with television commercials: mute a pharmaceutical ad and guess what the drug treats. Erectile dysfunction (middle aged couple, arms around each other, walking the beach, sunset)? Depression (single middle aged woman, wrapped in an oversized sweater, walking the beach, cloudy day)? Fibromyalgia (more than middle aged woman, white, […]

Chemical Dependence

Addictive Disorder or Chemical Dependence: Labels That Won’t Ease Heartache

People-First Language for Drug-First People Are we part of the problem if we call our addicted child an addict or alcoholic? Because, they say, such labels perpetuate the moralistic stigma that cascades into less accessible drug addiction treatment, prison overcrowding fueled by the opioid epidemic, public resistance to needle exchange programs, and maybe even drought […]

The Addicts Mom

The Drug Addiction Epidemic: Help for Parents

I can Google the April 2015 slaughter of young people, the latest victims in an epidemic that costs us all, and I will come up with the horrific and heartbreaking news stories, the boldly brave statements of grieving parents, the ground­breaking obituaries. Jessica McCassie in New Hampshire, Molly Parks in Maine, Cathleen Melanson Wyman in […]


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