Addiction Intervention: A Professional’s Perspective

Meet Alice Tanner, Addiction Interventionist and Family Recovery Consultant Riverbank House has been blessed to become acquainted with Alice Tanner of Addiction Recovery Consulting Services in California.  Alice provides a host of services for families whose loved one struggles with substance use disorder, and she was kind enough to sit down with us to explore […]

Parent Resource

A Resource for Parents Dealing with Addiction

How Addiction Affects Parents When a son or daughter struggles with addiction, parents become secondary victims of the unprecedented opioid epidemic that kills 90 Americans each day.  The experience of parenting through addiction can be devastating to the powerless parent, to a marriage, to the family as a whole.  The downloadable resource guide “Waiting Between:  When […]

Riverbank House Community Member Receives PAARI Award

Riverbank’s Pat Anderson Recognized for Work in Recovery by the Police Assisted Addiction Recovery Initiative On June 28, PAARI honored the law enforcement partners, public health leaders, and elected officials who have helped grow its mission nationwide.  PAARI encourages opioid drug users to seek recovery, distributes life saving opioid blocking drugs to prevent and treat overdoses, connects […]

Drug Rehab Treatment: Admissions Process

The Addict’s Mom is sharing a news series of articles to help guide us through what we might expect when we enter addiction treatment.  The information is so pertinent and non-threatening, we’re proud to share excerpts of it here on Riverbank House. TAM’s Treatment Center Series: The Admissions Process The thought of going to rehab […]

Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Anthem, and Aetna Coverage for Drug Rehab

Save Money by Staying In-Network Aetna offers great advice about how to make the most of your health insurance coverage for drug treatment and addiction rehab. First, choose an “in-network” drug treatment provider.  Whether your coverage is Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Anthem, Aetna or another carrier, most insurance companies can give you a list of drug […]

Long Term Drug Rehab to Recovery Coach Career

Long-term  residential drug rehab offers much advantage over a 28 day drug rehab program because long term drug treatment not only allows the brain to heal from the damage of drugs, it offers a safe environment with positive reinforcement of recovery tools.  But long term rehab can also provide opportunity for professional training and career […]

First Steps Toward Successful Drug Rehab

Drug Addiction Intervention Strategies When someone we love is destroying themselves with drugs, alcohol, and destructive behavior, we can be desperate to get them into effective drug addiction treatment.  Often, the first step to successful drug rehab is intervention.  Debra Jay, a well-known professional interventionist and an Oprah favorite, offers a personal and concrete approach […]

Getting Rich Off Addiction, Reward Over Risk

Ever wonder how to make BIG MONEY from the opioid epidemic?  Large financial firms have discovered that investments in suffering offer reward over risk.  One example firm —Deerfield Management  — shows how it’s done, if you can follow the money* Invest in Addiction Recovery Care $38M: value of Deerfield’s stock ownership in American Addiction Centers […]

Recovery Centers of America Catches on to Recovery Neighborhood Concept of Care

RCA Hopes to One Day Create Neighborhoods Much Like Riverbank House Drug Rehab in New Hampshire Recovery Centers of America, the up and coming chain of commercial addiction treatment facilities backed by the Big Pharma investors at Deerfield Management and headed up by a real estate developer and former pharmaceutical executive, is hoping to establish recovery […]

The Drug Addiction Epidemic in the News

National Newspapers Huffington Post Pulitzer nominated eight chapter expose “Dying To Be Free” by Jason Cherkis.  Print There’s A Treatment For Heroin Addiction That Actually Works.Why Aren’t We Using It? The Washington Post  Cheap Fix:  Heroin’s Resurgence: “And Then He Decided Not to Be” by Marc Fisher.  Print David McCarthy briefly got clean on his own after […]

Why Drug Addiction Requires Long-term Treatment and Extended Recovery Care

Opioid Dependence and Opioid Addiction In the context of drug treatment, we seem to understand that you can be opioid dependent without being opioid addicted (in, say, the case of a terminally ill cancer patient). We seem to understand that opioid dependence and opioid addiction are directly linked. But sometimes we forget – with the […]

Why Long-Term Addiction Treatment Works

Successful Drug Addiction Treatment takes 90 days or more A great article published in PsychCentral a few years ago outlines the benefits of long-term drug treatment by asking “How Long Is ‘Long-Term’ Drug Rehab?” The article, written by David Sack, MD, is a near-prophecy for the comprehensive program developed by Riverbank House in Laconia, NH. […]

Riverbank Success Stories: Ryan, 23 How Fear and Anxiety Transformed Into Curiosity and Optimism

Before Riverbank House, merely existing as an active alcoholic felt like a 24/7 job. Real employment or working towards any kind of a future interfered with my drinking.  I lied, I cheated, I manipulated, and I stole, mainly from my parents and those closest to me.  I felt worthless, hopeless and alone.  Addiction destroyed every […]

Detox help


Addiction Recovery’s 1st Step When chronic drug users and alcoholics separate from an addictive substance they often need help coping with withdrawal.  Detox is a popular umbrella term in the lingo of addiction recovery services, but new terms are emerging.  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration defines crisis stabilization as a direct service […]

6 Risk Factors in Opiate Overdose

Dead is Dead When you walk into a drug rehab in Laconia, New Hampshire, there’s a bulletin board posted with activity schedules, inspiring quotes about recovery, and facts about drug addiction. Beneath the bulletin board there’s a shrine of sorts, remembrances for a former resident who left addiction treatment and died of a heroin overdose. […]

Heroine Addiction


PARENTS OF ADDICTS:  WHAT’S WRONG WITH US A mother is only as happy as her saddest child — Chinese Proverb The brittle stress, the penetrating fatigue, the stunned loneliness and social isolation, and the impotency of our parental love has a name.  Well before the opioid epidemic scorched New Hampshire and Maine and Massachusetts and […]

Addiction Treatment


Drug Rehab Also Unavailable for Many Throughout All New England 1,256 people in Massachusetts will have no shot at opioid addiction treatment because they died in 2014 of a drug overdose.  And drug related death in 2014 will make addiction rehab no longer possible for 326 drug users in New Hampshire, 208 in Maine, 92 […]


The Evil Genius of OxyContin Marketing

There’s a new game that people play with television commercials: mute a pharmaceutical ad and guess what the drug treats. Erectile dysfunction (middle aged couple, arms around each other, walking the beach, sunset)? Depression (single middle aged woman, wrapped in an oversized sweater, walking the beach, cloudy day)? Fibromyalgia (more than middle aged woman, white, […]

Chemical Dependence

Addictive Disorder or Chemical Dependence: Labels That Won’t Ease Heartache

People-First Language for Drug-First People Are we part of the problem if we call our addicted child an addict or alcoholic? Because, they say, such labels perpetuate the moralistic stigma that cascades into less accessible drug addiction treatment, prison overcrowding fueled by the opioid epidemic, public resistance to needle exchange programs, and maybe even drought […]

Laconia Rehab and recovery

Residents of Laconia Drug Rehab Volunteer on Trails

From The Laconia Daily Sun:  When four residents from a local drug rehab facility show up early on a Saturday morning to help the Belknap Range Trail Tenders (BRATTS) rebuild hiking trails on Belknap Mountain, it’s understandable that another volunteer assumes they must be serving court-ordered community service. At first glance, Chris, Dan, A.J., and […]

The Addicts Mom

The Drug Addiction Epidemic: Help for Parents

I can Google the April 2015 slaughter of young people, the latest victims in an epidemic that costs us all, and I will come up with the horrific and heartbreaking news stories, the boldly brave statements of grieving parents, the ground­breaking obituaries. Jessica McCassie in New Hampshire, Molly Parks in Maine, Cathleen Melanson Wyman in […]

Riverbank House Brings a Life Saving Campaign to New England

CONCORD, March 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ Riverbank House/Addiction. Help Save a Life. In response to the epidemic of drug addiction throughout New England, Riverbank House of Laconia, New Hampshire, announces the establishment of “Save a Life” matching grant campaign. In partnership with Treetop Women’s Recovery House of Oakland, Maine, and with the support of Learn to Cope of Raynham, […]

How to Find the Most Effective Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs: A Proven Starting Point

The Choices When someone we love needs treatment for addiction, the maze of treatment and rehab choices can be overwhelming, especially when we are already exhausted by the heartache of active addiction in our family. How do we even know what kind of help we’re looking for? The addiction industry uses a confusing lingo:  drug […]


Before the Detox, the 28 Day Drug Rehab, the Long Term Residential Addiction Treatment,  and the Sober House The entire maze of drug and alcohol addiction resources and choices – the intervention, detox, 28 day program, long term residential drug rehab, sober house, recovery coaching option, and outpatient treatment  – can be overwhelming for families. […]

Riverbank House Drug Rehab

Why Does Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Take So Long?

The Truth About Treatment Sprawl When the person we love enters an addiction recovery program, we’re usually exhausted, hopeful, and maybe feeling a little bit guilty or a lot elated that Billy is now temporarily someone else’s responsibility and we can finally get a full night’s sleep. The sheer relief of not having to defend […]

Sober House

Sober Houses: Affordable Sober Living Meets the Promise of Profit

Sober Houses: Affordable Sober Living Meets the Promise of Profit Sober Houses: An Extension of Long-Term Residential Addiction Rehab Sober house, sober living environment (SLE), recovery residence, halfway house or three quarters house: whatever the “classification,” there is no doubt that alcoholics and drug addicts in their first years of recovery can and do benefit […]

Choosing an Effective Sober House

Riverbank House provides a fully scheduled long term drug and alcohol rehab that will accommodate the 90 day minimum suggested by the CDC, followed by transitional options. But where do sober houses fit as a path to recovery? The following article gives one perspective. Do Sober Houses Work? An Approach to Choosing a Sober House […]


New Hampshire Drug Rehab Helps Fight Opiate Addiction

New Hampshire doctors are among the nation’s most prolific prescribers of Oxycontin and other opioids, according to a government report released Tuesday that analyzed the state-by-state use of highly addictive painkillers. The study by the Centers for Disease Control ranked the Granite State third, behind Maine and Delaware, for per-capita prescriptions of Oxycontin, fentanyl and […]

Long Term Drug Alcohol Rehab

Long Term Drug & Alcohol Rehab

WELCOME HOME to Riverbank House, a unique and affordable option for men seeking recovery from addiction and self-destruction. Our quality residential experience, innovative enrichment programming, and collaborative approach to self-restoration are designed to offer vital support as you make your way through the 12-step recovery process and rediscover your enthusiasm for a life lived with […]

Long-term Drug Rehab and Affordable Drug Rehab Programs

Comparing Costs of Long-term Drug Rehab Programs: Free Care, Partial Free Care and Affordable Drug Rehab The National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services reports statistics and treatment outlines and guidelines for substance abuse treatment programs.  According to them there are 13,500 substance abuse treatment facilities in the United States, give or take a few […]

What Drug Rehab Centers Make the Best Drug Rehabilitation Programs?

Riverbank House directly addresses the issue of responsibility and accountability.  The addict is an example of “self will run riot”.  In the self-will mode the addict’s accountability is a coincidence and not a function of accountability.Система естественной вентиляции Riverbank’s primary treatment component is our four-phased program. Each phase creating a greater sense of responsibility and […]

RiverBank House

Need of Drug Rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation (often drug rehab or just rehab) is the process of helping someone to live without illegal drugs (we include prescription drugs taken NOT taken as prescribed as illegal), after they have become addicted to them. It is the term for the process of medical and/or psychotherapeutic treatment to eliminate dependency on psychoactive substances […]

Vermont Drug Treatment

The road to recovery of substance abusers is very long. While a men’s drug treatment center in Vermont (short-term or detox) can help a person recover from his addiction, it’s just the first step and the real challenge comes after leaving the facility. Participating to local 12-step meetings help an individual cope with the difficulties […]

Rhode Island Drug Treatment

Drug addiction is a very serious problem in the US. Almost every American family has a member who struggles with substance abuse and there are numerous reasons why. For some, they use its influence to deal with stress at work or at school. Others are just bored, curious, or trying to fit in. Some uses […]

RiverBank House

Pennsylvania Drug Treatment

People become addicted to drugs for a wide variety of reasons. Experimentation, boredom, peer pressure, low self-esteem, and stress – these are just some of the most common reasons why substance abusers become associated with this vice. Still, regardless of the reason why they resorted to using drugs, these individuals understand that while it’s easy […]

New Jersey Drug Treatment

Having someone addicted to drugs in the family has long since been common in the United States. To help a son, sibling, or husband struggling with substance abuse, families look for the most suitable drug treatment center in New Jersey or a nearby state.Taking that crucial step towards sobriety depends on a lot of things; […]

Massachusetts Drug Treatment The road to recovery of a substance abuser starts by entering a men’s drug treatment facility in Massachusetts or another state. While going through a detox program helps a recovering individual improve physically, it doesn’t help him with his psychological and spiritual battle against drug addiction. A newly sober person needs as much positive […]

Maine Drug Treatment

People become hooked to drugs for a wide variety of reasons. Be it curiosity, pleasure, or to deal with stress, these individuals admit that while one can easily get addicted on the vice, it’s doubly hard for a person to quit. For an individual to stay sober, entering a men’s drug rehab facility in Maine […]

New York Drug Treatment

There are a lot of reasons why people become addicted to drugs. Be it curiosity or experimentation, boredom, low self-esteem, peer pressure, pleasure, or to cope with stress, struggling substance abusers acknowledge the fact that one can easily get hooked to the vice. On the contrary, they also understand that for them to stay sober, […]

Connecticut Drug Treatment

Men become addicted to drugs for various reasons. Some are curious just curious at first and they get hooked while others uses its influence to cope with stress, boredom, or low self-esteem. For long-term or permanent recovery from drug addiction, the first step is to enter a drug treatment or men’s drug rehab facilityin Connecticut […]

Men’s Alcohol Rehab Centers in Vermont

Perhaps the most important choice alcoholic will take is to seek help; help to begin to start out on the recovery process. Many journeys begin in a hospital setting. This is necessary because the detoxification from alcohol is life-threatening. Delirium tremors, seizures, and heart attacks can all lead to death.polvam Once having the physical manifestations […]

Vermont Men’s Sober Living and Halfway Houses

Many individuals struggling with addiction, including alcoholism may face a difficult time at a certain point in their life,( usually when they acknowledge that cannot stay sober without long-term support)and the need to reside in a structured living environment becomes a necessity.With the influence of friends or family members, a number of men choose to […]

Men’s Alcohol Rehab Centers in Rhode Island

Detoxification from alcohol is quite dangerous and often requires medical supervision. This is called an alcohol detox. Medically unsupervised detoxification from alcohol is often followed by delirium tremors, heart attacks and or seizures – all of which can lead to death. So this step, to remove the physical cravings and to begin treatment is a […]

Men’s Alcohol Rehab Centers in Pennsylvania

Walking through the doors of analcohol rehab/detox is the first step in the treatment and rehabilitation of the alcoholic. After the detox most alcoholics need additional treatment/support. Most insurance companies do not provide coverage beyond the 5 to 7 day standard hospital treatment. This leaves a void in the next step – long-term sobriety. Many […]

Men’s Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers in New York

The state of New York is massive. The very hub of New York City and its five boroughs contain some of the finest alcohol rehabs in the country. However, for many, beginning on the journey to recovery means that they need to pull themselves away from their hometown environment. And for New Yorkers, particularly around […]

Men’s Alcohol Rehab Centers in New Hampshire

Many men cannot begin the recovery process without being detoxified from alcohol. Detoxification/withdraw from alcohol can be a dangerous process. In fact, most often the recovery process begins in a detox a medical facility. The problem however lies in the ability for most men to remain sober. Statistics tell us that most men and women […]

Men’s Alcohol Rehab Centers in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is known as a state with a larger number of men’s alcohol rehab centers and positive attitude toward alcohol rehab and drug rehab treatment. Likewise the Alcoholics Anonymous community in Massachusetts exceeds in membership then those of much larger and more populated states. Just like any other state however, the alcoholic seeking long-term residential […]

Men’s Alcohol Rehab Centers in Maine

Most often the rehabilitation/treatment process for alcoholism begins in a hospital setting, known as a detox. Detoxification from alcohol, particularly when it has been ingested for a long period of time in large amounts is extremely dangerous. Most men sense that the detox process is going to be very unpleasant, sometimes frightening and very uncomfortable. […]

Alcohol Rehab Centers in Connecticut

For an alcoholic, seeking help may be indeed the most important decision of his/her life. Not too many parents or loved ones would disagree with this assessment. Because detoxification from alcohol can be life-threatening and alcohol rehab often begins in a hospital setting known as a detox. While there are some outstanding men’s alcohol rehab […]

New Jersey Men’s Sober Living and Halfway Houses

Substance abuse is a huge problem not only in the United States but in other countries as well. It doesn’t mean, however, that all addicts and alcoholics are just rejects/throw-aways in the community. It isn’t easy, but many of these individuals recover with proper support and guidance in a suitable environment. Recovering alcoholics and drug […]

Connecticut Men’s Halfway Houses and Men’s Sober Living

Struggling substance abusers, often referred to as ‘chronic relapsers’ those who acknowledge they cannot stay sober without continued support in particular, typically need to stay in a structured living environment to ensure their full recovery. Newly sober individuals generally have a hard time completely letting go of their previous addictions and adjusting back to their […]

New York Men’s Sober Living and Halfway Houses

Staying ata sober living environment helps to ensure that newly sober individuals don’t fall back into their bad habits and relapse. Typically with a push from a friend or a family member, former substance abusers enter a halfway house to help themselves get better and have the support they need to completely recover.kahovka-service There are […]

Pennsylvania Halfway Houses and Men’s Sober Living

Substance abuse has become a common problem in every community. When a man decides to quit his addiction, he faces a difficult periodand getting expert help becomes necessary. There are a lot of reasons why individuals enter a halfway house. More often than not, a loved one convinces the newly sober person to stay at […]

Maine Halfway Houses and Men’s Sober Living

Newly sober men struggle a lotafter quitting their addiction― be it drugs, alcohol, or any addictive substance. These men find themselves seeking help from facilities like halfway houses and sober living environments. For most, encouragement from family members and friends plays a huge part in making the decision to seek out and stay in amen’s […]

Rhode Island Halfway Houses and Men’s Sober Living

It is not uncommon for a man struggling with substance addiction to decide to stay in a structured living environment. A number of different reasons exist why men choose to stay in a sober house. Some are convinced by their family, friends, or lovers, whereas others decide by themselves.While some men would choose to reside […]


a loved one or a friend, know that they’ll need to be “on board” with the idea of recovery if they are going to have a solid chance of getting clean. If they have not yet recognized their own problem, an addiction intervention may be necessary. During the

Drug Rehab vs. Alcohol Rehab

When evaluating the many types of substance abuse treatment programs, remember that everyone’s needs are different. In general, the longer and more intense the drug use, the longer and more intense the treatment you may need. This is in both alcohol rehab as well as drug rehab. Though alcohol is a drug, and a very […]

Never Say Die

Never Say Die…Just Die.inFOLIO Research Group I was hoping that if I told a piece of my alcohol/drugging history and treatment it might make a difference to someone reading it on the Internet. I grew up in a lower middle-class town outside Boston. As a teenager everyone around me drank. Everyone around me smoked pot. […]

The Effectiveness Alcoholics Anonymous

In the forward to the second edition of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous it says “of the alcoholics who came to AA in really tried 50% got sober at once and remained that way; 25% sobered up after some relapses, and among the remainder, those who stayed on with AA showed improvement.” Those numbers […]