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My name is Kris! I was introduced to alcohol at the age of around 8 years old. It was an instant love affair that affected me and my entire family. I dragged them through the mess that I created with the choice to continue the madness of my drinking. Not to mention the carnage that I caused in the multiple failed relationships, jobs, and many other failed opportunities. It took 43 years of misery to bring me to my knees. One day a year and a half ago I was given an opportunity to go somewhere where I could seek some help for my addiction. 

I was so beat down and knew it was either death or one last Hail Mary. I literally had nothing to loose, l destroyed everything else in my life. So I took the opportunity here at Riverbank House. This program saved my life, today I am a proud member of the very community that saved me, my family and my sanity. Simply put I am GRATEFUL to be here today and sober, it is truly a miracle!

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