Maine Halfway Houses and Men’s Sober Living

Newly sober men struggle a lotafter quitting their addiction― be it drugs, alcohol, or any addictive substance. These men find themselves seeking help from facilities like halfway houses and sober living environments. For most, encouragement from family members and friends plays a huge part in making the decision to seek out and stay in amen’s halfway house/sober living situation. However, there are also instances when the newly sober individual opts to become a resident without the influence of other people.

While some men would choose a men’s sober livingor men’s halfway house treatment facility in Maine,because it is closer to their home environment, there are a many good reasons to stay in a peaceful environment further away from home. The Riverbank HouseMen’s Sober Living is an affordable and effective long-term residential environment alternative to many other men’s halfway house.It offers an attractive and comforting atmosphere where recovering addicts and alcoholics can find the support they need to get better and gradually return to their previous lives. The house is located in the magnificent lakes region, at the foothills of the White Mountains.

Common MisconceptionsAboutMen’sHalfway Houses and Men’s Sober Living Treatment Facilities

Many people mistake halfway houses and sober houses as a place for disenfranchised individuals.This is a narrow and you informed point of view. A men’s sober livingor men’s halfway house environment is a place where struggling addicts and alcoholics find the support and help they need to learn about their addictions, gradually adjust to their newfound sobriety and prepare themto return to their home environment. The Riverbank House’s assists the house members in understanding their addictions and the causes and conditions that drive their addictions. The Riverbank House residential, long-term sober living situation gradually nurtures the qualities that support a sober and happy life; such as responsibility and accountability, thoughtfulness/kindness, and patience and understanding between the residents,the staff and themselves. The facility aims to provide a way for recovering individuals to reform themselves and pull them away from theself-destructive behaviors that have ruined their lives and damage their relationships with family and friends.

What Opportunities are Available in a Men’s Sober Living Environment?

It isn’t easy for those who suffer from years and sometimes decades of substance abuse to return to their former lives after being sober. It takes time andlearning to be comfortable with unpleasant situations, feelings, emotions and states of mind. The duration also varies from one person to another. It is essential to recovering individuals to stay in anencouraging atmosphere where people can sympathize to them and help them improve themselves and truly become at ease with dealing with challenging situations without resorting to drugs or alcohol as the solution.

Personal accountability and collaborative relationships between the residents are a huge part of sober living at the Riverbank House. Like othermen’shalfway houses and long-term, residential sober living environments, the facility holds group meetings, house meetings, and other activities; yoga, meditation, and team adventures(after all the Riverbank House is steps away from the rugged White Mountains.). These activities , and extensive the participation in the Alcoholic Anonymous 12 step program aid in the residents and prepare them to return to their home communities with greater self-esteem, confidence and self-monitoring skills.

As a part of ensuring responsibility and accountability unscheduled alcohol and drug tests are also done as part of the recovery procedure. This would be true in any facility or treatment center whether it be in Maine or any other state.

As a part of building team, ending isolation in experiencing the joys of camaraderie Riverbank House has a program concept called, ‘Solo No More Activities’, where various stimulating, exciting and challenging activities that develop not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Rock climbing, camping, skiing, and snorkeling become common activities for house members.

The house’s experienced staff provides guidance and encouragement to the residents and enforces discipline in the facility. Much like other men’s sober livingor men’s halfway house environments, the Riverbank House provides a peaceful and comfortable setting. Yet the Riverbank House, although secluded from the city of Laconia, has the support of over thirty Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step meetings each week. Whether it is in Maine, or any other state – nearly all facilities have the 12 Step program as part of or the very basis of their programming.

Things expected from a Riverbank House resident

All Riverbank House residents are expected to be self-disciplinedand respectful to their fellow housemates and the staff at all times. They are trusted to be collaborative, nonviolence and nonthreatening to other house residents are staff. The staff is there to ensure that everyone in the house lives in a proper, peaceful and sober manner.

The Riverbank House welcomes Maineresident from any of Maine’s awesome cities including Portland, Portsmouth, Biddeford, Bangor, Augusta, Old Orchard Beach, Kennebunk, and Saco are encouraged to learn about the Riverbank House.