Drug Treatment

Having someone addicted to drugs in the family has long since been common in the United States. To help a son, sibling, or husband struggling with substance abuse, families look for the most suitable drug treatment center in New Jersey or a nearby state.Taking that crucial step towards sobriety depends on a lot of things; it includes, but is not limited to, the family’s financial capacity, as well as the type of drug the recoveringindividual used to abuse. Equally important, but one that’s usually overlooked, is one’s choice of a sober living environment. A person’s chances to recovery is as good as the positive influences he receives, as research shows that continuing with extended care after leaving a men’s drug rehab facility can more than double his chances. The Riverbank House, located at the heart of the spectacular Lakes region, provides a soothing, supportive environment perfect for a recovering person.vian34

People resort to drug and substance abuse for a wide variety of reasons. Some use it to try to forget about their problems and using it as a means to escape. Some were just curious to see what the drug’s effects on them will be, eventually getting hooked and finding it hard to escape. Others simply succumb to peer pressure, or find themselves in situations where substance abuse seems quite ordinary.

People leaving men’s drug rehab (short-term or detox) centers are immediately exposed to these elements as they try to immerse themselves back to society, and addressing this is crucial for an individual to attain a long term results. Drugs change the way people think, feel, or behave, and once an individual quits, it leaves a void in that person’s life. This feeling of emptiness needs to be replaced by positive activities and behavior, allowing it to take root and have the change come from within. Having extended care drug treatment or drug rehab means having a community support you as you find your way back to living a normal, happy life. Having people care for you and support you equips you, giving you strength to battle the elements that caused the addiction in the first place.

Riverbank is a ‘whole-way’ house for men (a long-term drug treatment program), where mencollaborate to develop the different practices needed to a sustainable recovery. It provides a quality residential experience, a collective approach to living, and an innovative enrichment program designed to offer a recovering individual vital support on his way to recovery.

Riverbank House also features numerous activities that allow the individual to discover new passions and purpose. SOLO NO MORE activities are intended to stimulate the whole person, helping retrain the mind, body, and spirit. It structures a full schedule of adventure that aims to develop inner motivation, enthusiasm, and a sense of personal accomplishment. The concept of ‘whole house’ versus half-way house is intended to support the image of the individual. These men the program, these clients are not half people. We are men remembering our wholeness.

Whether you are new or re-committing to the journey to recovery, you are more than welcome. Whether you’re from New Jersey’s Atlantic City, Vineland, Princeton, Lynwood, Galloway, Waterford, North Beach Haven, or Long Beach Township– if you’re looking for a warm and relaxed atmosphere to find peace and inspiration, this is where you belong.   While we regard New Jersey’s coastline as extraordinary and beautiful, we are confident you will find the banks of the Winnipesaukee River, Riverbank Houses home equally attractive.