New York Men’s Sober Homes, Living and Halfway Houses

Staying at a sober living environment helps to ensure that newly sober individuals don’t fall back into their bad habits and relapse. Typically with a push from a friend or a family member, former substance abusers enter a halfway house to help themselves get better and have the support they need to completely recover.

Best Sober Homes Laconia, New Hampshire

Riverbank House sober homes Laconia offer more than many halfway houses in New York. There are several fine halfway houses in New York, particularly around New York City and the nine boroughs. Simply being in the state may give New Yorkers the impression of being close to home, it’s possible that staying at the Riverbank House is more beneficial to some men simply because of its distant location. The Riverbank House is situated at the foothills of the White Mountains, in the magnificent lakes region. It offers a very peaceful and supportive environment to those who need assistance in maintaining their newfound sobriety and finding the skills to adjust and return back to living a normal life.

It is not unusual for people to think of halfway houses as places for marginalized individuals. A men’s sober living and treatment center is a place where struggling former alcoholics and addicts seek encouragement and support from their fellow residents and the house’s staff. It’s difficult to find good halfway houses from sober homes West Palm Beach to New New York. The Riverbank House works through instilling and sharing the higher human qualities like responsibility, accountability, tolerance and patience and respect between all the residents and staff involved. Its primary goal is to help the residents restore themselves and go on with their lives freely, without their addictions holding them back.

Sober Livings with Accountability

Getting used to a substance-free life after being recently sober is very challenging for most men. It’s difficult to return to a life of normalcy, especially if the individual is to go back immediately to his home environment. Many times this is where the people expect him to be immediately ‘normal’, totally cured. Then, there are others in their circle of friends who will not support them in this new life of sobriety. They may not be problem drinkers or addicts, but they are not sober. Often they do not respect or see the reason for their buddy’s abstinence. They anticipate his attendance to their ‘parties’ and get-togethers. The newly sober person find it hard to set his or her boundaries. Residing in a halfway house helps recovering individuals to learn about their addictions, embrace new positive behaviors and perspectives. It also helps develop a new set of skills.

These skills allow them to walk through difficult situations, unpleasant feelings and emotions, they receive the boost and support they need before returning back to their home community. The Riverbank House’s Sober Living and Treatment program is largely based on the qualities of personal accountability, and collaborative, effective and supportive relationships with the other residents and the facility’s staff. It is likely this is true of any New York City facility, or anywhere in New York for that matter.

Each individual is assigned a Recovery Coach who orients them to the collaborative sober living community. The Recovery Coach also guides them through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Group meetings, house meetings, meditation and yoga practices are conducted regularly. Unscheduled drug and alcohol tests to ensure all residents are able to maintain their sobriety and learn the qualities of responsibility and accountability. The trained staff guide the residents and encourage self-discipline and accountability in the facility. The Riverbank House has its own concept/approach called ‘Solo No More Activities’, which intends to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit of the residents and to motivate them to develop new interests to help cope with the anxiety, isolation, and boredom they might feel.

Everyone in the Riverbank House is expected to be responsible for themselves; upon entering the new house member makes a commitment- not display any violent, threatening or destructive behavior. It is also expected that the residents and staff respect each other and maintain a good relationship. The knowledgeable team of staff is there to assist the residents and make certain that the facility is maintained properly and all the housemates live in a principle manner. The Riverbank House welcomes new residents from New York City, Yonkers, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Albany, Schenectady, Syracuse, and Rochester. New housemates should look forward to meeting their fellow New Yorkers and enjoy their stay at the Riverbank House.