Pennsylvania Halfway Houses and Men’s Sober Living

Substance abuse has become a common problem in every community. When a man decides to quit his addiction, he faces a difficult periodand getting expert help becomes necessary. There are a lot of reasons why individuals enter a halfway house. More often than not, a loved one convinces the newly sober person to stay at the facility to ensure his full recovery and reduce the risk of the person falling back to his addiction and past destructive behavior.

The Riverbank House provides an attractive and comforting atmosphere to support the recovery of sober individuals struggling from their previous dependence and in regaining their old life back. While some men would choose to reside in a halfway house in Pennsylvania because of its closeness to their home environment, the Riverbank house is an effective and surprisingly attractive place(we are on a wonderfully clear, fresh river)formen to explore their options and help themselves get better. The house is located at the stunning lakes region,at the foothills of the White Mountains.

Common Misconceptions AboutHalfway Houses and Sober Living Treatment Facilities

Sober living environments and halfway houses are often associated to those who are rejected by their own family and abandoned by all their friends. This is just but a common misunderstanding. AMen’s Sober Living operates mainly based on a foundation of ‘higher ethics’. Indispensable qualities such as responsibility, selflessness, and compassion are what make these structured living environments work. The Riverbank House provides an inspiring and compassionate setting to recovering addicts and alcoholics. It aims to free the residents from all traces of their past habits and restore their peaceful lives.

Advantages of living in a Halfway Houses or Sober Living Environment

Recently sober individuals typically experience difficulties to keep from reverting back to their previous lives, particularly when they go back to an environment where people expect him to immediately be the person they project him to be (IE; ‘cured’). Meeting past ‘drinking buddies’ or those they get high with also make things even harder.It takes time to get used to living a substance-free life and the duration varies for every individual. It is essential for recovering substance abusers to live in an environment where there are people who share their difficulties and understand what they are going through.

At the Riverbank House, personal accountability is strictly instilled to all residents. The expert staff are only there to guide and support the residents but their full recovery relies entirely on the individuals themselves. The Riverbank House introduces a peaceful, calming environment, while the structure anadsupport are equal to any other facilities (some at 6-7-9 times the cost)with reduced number of ordered activities as compared to other Pennsylvania halfway houses. The ‘Solo No More Activities’ concept presentpresents a way for the residents to stimulate their whole being and inspire them to discover new interests and purpose in life.

As with other men’s sober living or halfway houseenvironments (Pennsylvania or any other state for that matter), the residents of the Riverbank House attends group sessions, in-house management meetings, and outside Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step meetings. They also are (rigorously) encouraged to participate in daily meditations, readings, and yoga to calm their mind and body.(Participation is a requirement in Phase I). As part of the recovering process, unscheduled alcohol and drug tests are also conducted.

Residents and Staff of the Riverbank House

Everyone staying at the Riverbank House are expected to be courteous to their fellow residents and the facility’s staff. Violence and threatening and/or destructive behavior are not toleratedin the Riverbank House. The staff is there to support the residents and make sure they are on the right track.

Pennsylvania residents are welcome to stay at the Riverbank House.New housemates from Philadelphia, Allentown, Lancaster, Reading, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Wilkes-Barre should feel at ease to meet their fellow residents and look forward to a pleasant stay in their new home.