Rhode Island Drug Treatment

Drug addiction is a very serious problem in the US. Almost every American family has a member who struggles with substance abuse and there are numerous reasons why. For some, they use its influence to deal with stress at work or at school. Others are just bored, curious, or trying to fit in. Some uses drugs to temporarily escape from their problems and frustrations.  There is one thing that all drug and alcohol abuses have in common: the drink, or the drug creates a highly desirable sensation almost immediately, in the addict, or alcoholic continues to seek this substance as an alternative to experiencing the ups and downs of life.  Alcohol, and/or drugs provide a solution to immediately changing their present feelings.Продельфины

The first phase to a long-term recovery from substance abuse is to go into a men’s drug treatment facility in Rhode Island or a neighboring state. While entering a drug rehab helps an individual to recuperate physically from addiction, the more challenging part of his recovery is keeping sober afterwards.

A substance abuser’s recovery is hugely affected by the positive encouragement he receives. Aperson needs continued support in able to not fall back to his previous habits and while participating in a 12-step program suffice for some, research shows that following up with extended care boosts the chances of an individual’s permanent recovery by at least twice. The Riverbank House provides a positive and collaborative atmosphere for newly sober men to help them enjoy a life of sustainable recovery. It is located at the foothills of the White Mountains, in the wonderful lakes region, providing the peaceful and relaxing environment most suited to recovering individuals.

Recovery is a perpetual, ongoingvoyage for a person struggling with substance abuse. The very reasons they became addicted to drugs, can be the very same reasons they revert back to their old habits. Be it to relax and forget problems, gain confidence, socialize, lessen inhibitions, removing personal responsibility from decisions, boredom or stress, a person coming back from men’s drug rehab are confronted by these same elements when they immerse themselves back to society. This is the reason they have to be strong and prepared – for them to confront all of these situations without having to go back to their old vices.

Riverbank House’s goal is to work together to establish and develop the significant, mental, emotional, physical and spiritualpractices necessary for a full life of sustainable recovery, free from addiction and self-destruction. We understand that the void left after quitting substance abuse is one of the most important items to be addressed on the road to recovery. This feeling of hollowness needs to be filled, or replaced by the positive influences from other people, and rediscovering their wholeness. One must allow this to take root to stimulate change from within for a better, long term result.

Riverbank House features SOLO NO MORE activities, which fuels not only the person’s body but also his mind and spirit. Riverbank’s full schedule of adventure aims toeasethe boredom and seclusion one feels which often threatens early recovery. Community members are provided with numerousopportunities to explore and experience new skills and interests as they rediscover the excitement of building happy, meaningful lives. These activities retrain our brain, body, and spirit, helping us realize a fountain of inner motivation, enthusiasm, and personal accomplishment.

Riverbank House offers an excellent environment for men who want to be liberated from drug dependence and self-ruin. Anyone who wants to belong to a warm, unpretentious, and relaxed community that practices a code of cooperation, accountability, and mutual admiration is more than welcome. Whether you’re new or recommitting, Riverbank House’s thirty (30) day to eighteen (18) month program is comprised of four phases, each offering suitable levels of organizationand personalized care, as each member grows toward individual recovery and a life lived with tenacity and satisfaction.

No matter what part of Rhode Island you may come from, no matter how attractive – all of our residents find the peaceful and lovely setting of the lakes region, and the banks of the Winnipesaukee River as attractive as any other venue they could find.