Meet Steve Crowley

Steve Crowley

Activities Coordinator

Recovery Coach

Growing up in Beverly, MA in a proud military family, Steve was always active in sports and socially was considered a “chameleon,” because he could fit in with any crowd. However, he always felt different; like he didn’t quite belong. Thus, he resorted to drugs and alcohol at an early age as a way to fit in and to be outgoing. As Steve grew older, he was introduced to the 12-step fellowships of AA and NA. He spent a few years going in and out of treatment. Both of Steve’s parents have witnessed him overdose and after his last near-death experience, his mother and father sent Steve to the Riverbank House. Since moving to New Hampshire and participating in the RiverBank House program, Steve has taken time to work on himself and make the necessary changes for a productive and successful life in recovery. He stopped comparing his life to others’ and let go of the thought of what his life should look like. Taking a leap of faith, he has changed his whole career path to focus on a vocation in recovery work and service. Steve is enrolled at SNHU studying psychology, with a primary focus on substance abuse. He recently graduated from the Recovery Coach Academy and now volunteers his time/ experience working with the residents of the Riverbank House. He also started to volunteer at the local Recovery Center Organization here in Laconia. He is a local resident and manages a sober house that he currently resides in. Steve is a very active member of the AA community, participating in personal recovery, service and fellowship in his 12 Step affiliations.

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