Meet Tekla Buddhi

Tekla Buddhi

Conversational Hypnosis Practitioner

Hypnosis Yoga & Reiki Master

200 RYT Yoga Instructor 


For 25 years, Tekla worked and traveled as a Professional Sports Photographer and Flight Attendant.  A strong force in the photography industry, her work has been published in Sports Illustrated, VolleyBall Magazine, & for many major, minor, and college sports teams across the country.

The constant schedule changes, shifting time zones, and energetic imbalances of a frequent traveler; made it easy to attract moments of chaos; in turn creating aches, pains, discomforts, and dis-ease.

Along her journey, Tekla became heavily aware of the deep discomforts that others were also facing.

She wasn’t alone. More and more clients, colleagues and friends were self-medicating, becoming dependent on prescription medications, and even dying from addictive choices. She began to insist from herself, that she understand her personal misalignments and change them.

The missing link to her healing journey came when she felt Reiki flooding through her body for the first time. Her exploration soon expanded into an understanding of how to tap into our natural energy forces which can help us remain connected, balanced, and empowered to take personal responsibility for our own wellbeing.

Refusing the idea that there was no way to create lasting change, Tekla became a focused student and practitioner in all ways of energy healing.The more she created real change in her mind and body; the more she knew she wanted to share these techniques with anyone else looking for answers. Many of these valuable energy techniques are sprinkled throughout her yoga sequencing to amplify the healing effects of the practice.

Her personal experiences and focused training on how to utilize yoga for recovery and trauma; has allowed her the opportunity to teach this valuable information at rehab and recovery centers throughout New Hampshire.

Tekla kindly, but powerfully, coaches others how to confidently take control back of personal health with ease, and how to Master and Navigate Mind,Emotion, and physical form.

Tekla is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Emotional Coach-Certified in EFT/IFT,  Ho’opnopono Master,  Usui Reiki Master, Heart Centered Reiki Grand Master, Breath Coach, Conversational Hypnotist, Sound Producer, and Professional Photographer. Mastery of all subtle senses and techniques, have made her a song force for those intending to transform their current circumstances.

Training the energy body is sometimes THE missing link. The great news is that, with more attention and practice to these techniques the stronger and more resilient we become. It is the same for you. Once you know better, you too, can do better.

One Step at a Time – we can Create a Great Life!

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