Vermont Drug Treatment

The road to recovery of substance abusers is very long. While a men’s drug treatment center in Vermont (short-term or detox) can help a person recover from his addiction, it’s just the first step and the real challenge comes after leaving the facility. Participating to local 12-step meetings help an individual cope with the difficulties of staying sober. For many people, however, these meetings are not enough and they seek for a place where they can get the continued help and support crucial to their permanent recovery.The Riverbank House provides the encouraging and collaborative atmosphere most appropriatefor a person on the road to recovery. Its perfect location, at the heart of the wonderful Lakes region, adds to the positive spirit the resident gets while staying in the facility.Штукатурка стен цементно песчаным раствором

There are many reasons why people use drugs, and it can be hard trying to understand them. Drug changes the way people think, feel, or behave, so causes of drug abuse include people trying to forget about their problems and using it as a means to escape. Some succumb to peer pressure or find themselves in a situation where substance abuse seems quite ordinary. Some are just curious as to what its effects are, but in the long term get hooked and find it hard to stop.

These are the main reasons why a recovering individual need extended care – to provide them assistance and place them in a position where they are likely to succeed in their battle against addiction. Addressing the causes of addition is crucial – for many men in recovery. The short -term drug rehab treatment centers may have already taught them all about the dangers of substance abuse. While this may indeed help them they while they are undergoing treatment, life outside the facility can prove to be very challenging, as it again immerses them in a world where the same elements that lured them to drug addiction is just around each corner. Without a good plan for extended care, they can easily fail in their attempts for sobriety and relapse into addiction.

Bridging drug rehab treatment to a life of fulfillment and happiness is what the Riverbank House is about. We understand that while undergoing drug rehab is key, an equally important step is filling the void left by substance abuse. The emptiness left by their previous addiction needs to be immediately replaced by positive activities and behavior, allowing it to take root for a better, long term result.  Returning into a ‘full’ life is challenging and there is a huge benefit in doing this gradually and with the support and guidance of a long-term drug rehab program.

Many addicts/alcoholics, along with their friends and families think of the addict as ‘broken’.  We, at the Riverbank House, would not argue this – but me might suggest taking the view that the addict has forgotten he is whole.  Taking this position we believe is a more positive approach to creating a vision and living into it.  The Riverbank house has a programming that supports this very component of recovery.  This is done through a myriad of activities that allow the individual to discover new passions and purpose.

Riverbank House’s SOLO NO MORE activities are specifically designed to challenge and stimulate the whole person, helping retrain our body, mind, and spirit. There is a schedule of adventure structured to reduce anxiety, boredom, and eliminate feelings of loneliness and isolation, helping the individual develop inner motivation, enthusiasm, and a sense personal accomplishment.

Riverbank House provides a tranquil atmosphere to anyone who seeks help and guidance. It is a community that practices a code of non-aggression, partnership, mutual devotion, and accountability, as we support each other in facing the everyday challenges and triumphs in the road to recovery.  Rest assured that the opportunities at the Riverbank House are as supportive as any program Vermont drug rehab has to offer.  We welcome you to come check the program out.