Vermont Men’s Sober Living and Halfway Houses

Many individuals struggling with addiction, including alcoholism may face a difficult time at a certain point in their life,( usually when they acknowledge that cannot stay sober without long-term support)and the need to reside in a structured living environment becomes a necessity.With the influence of friends or family members, a number of men choose to stay in a halfway house, or sober living treatment program to get the support they need in able to return to their normal lives.There are halfway houses the in Vermont but few provide a place for recovering substance abusers to achieve the guidance and encouragement they need to fully be free from their previous addictions. The Riverbank House has some unique qualities / characteristics that make it one of the best choices for sober housing.

Located at the foothills of the White Mountains, in the magnificent lakes region, is the Riverbank House. The facility offers a lovely and soothing environment for struggling newly sober individuals to help them cope and prepare themselves to socializing back in the community. The men’s sober living home is actually on the clean, clear Winnipesaukee River.

There is a common misconception about halfway houses and sober living environments. Most people deem such facilities as a home for abandoned addicts and alcoholics.This idea, however, is far from the actual purpose of halfway houses. It is a place for sober people to completely recover, strengthen their recovery and develop self-monitoring skills and become ready to return to their former lives― to come back to their loved ones and integrate themselves back into the society.

The Riverbank House’s operation primarily relies in building positive relationships between the residents and the staff, instilling the superior character qualities such as compassion, kindness, and responsibility/accountability to all parties involved. Our facility aims to provide a supportive atmosphere to its residents and to help them fully let go of their old habits and live a blissful life away from self-destruction.

It is difficult for recovering substance abusers to return to their former lives. Going back immediately after overcoming the physical effects of alcohol is not advisable as there is a huge possibility for the person to fall back into his old habits again when he is not prepared properly to face his previous life. These people need a supportive setting, a home where there are others who can sympathize with them and experts to guide them in entirely putting their self-destructive practices in the past.

The Riverbank House provides peer support to recovering residents along with its concept of ‘Solo No More Activities’. These activities keep the residents busy and causes their body, mind, and spirit to be stimulated which helps in reducing their anxiety, the feeling of isolation and boredom. It also aims to inspire the residents to discover new passions and a purpose in life.As with other men’s sober living environments, the Riverbank House conducts unscheduled drug and alcohol tests and hosts group sessions as part of their regimen.

All individuals who wish to improve themselves and fully recover are welcome to stay at the Riverbank House. Residents from Vermont’s picturesque cities like Brattleboro, Berlin, Washington, St. Johnsbury, White River Junction, Burlington, South Burlington, and Claremont are all welcome to join the other Riverbank housemates(Vermonters).